Add New Features to Adobe After Effects with These Amazing Plugins

By January 25, 2019 ,

Adobe has contributed a lot to the realm of digital designing and animation with its comprehensive list of tools and programs. One such tool that is widely used by digital artists is Adobe After Effects. This tool surely has great features itself but in order to enhance the performance and usability of After Effects, you would need to rely on external plugins.

Plugins not only improve the workflow but also provide you with a stabilized functionality for digital designing and animation creation. Before you consider looking for video animation services, here are some amazing After Effects plugins that you can use to animate and enhance your drawings and visuals.


Rigging tools are already present in Adobe After Effects but if you want to have a comprehensive toolset solely for rigging and animation then you can rely on Duik. The task of rigging in animation creation becomes taxing and time-consuming but that is what Duik is made for. A quick to use the plugin, you can access all of the tools from a single panel on the interface and this concept speeds up your animation production performance. The best part is that you get a comprehensive package of rigging tools completely free of cost.  

Nodes 3

Allowing you to generate motion graphics in a 3D environment, Nodes 3 works for creating elements and bringing flexibility to graphics. You can visualize FUI (fantasy user interfaces) for your motion graphics no matter the scale and size of the objects you want to animate. The updated version of Nodes 3 consists of a replicator that can be used for composing superstructures, auto-animations and a list of presets browsers. However, it is currently only available for the Mac OS and Windows is yet to have its own version.


Having availability for both the Mac and Windows platforms, Lenscare is a plugin made for moving and adjusting the depth of field and out of focus on video content. The DoF tool is mostly used for taking in-depth data from a 3D graphic in order to turn it into a more realistic CGI. The OoF tool can be used for adding a blurred effect to the video. While both of these tools have different functionalities but these are a part of Lenscare. It is compatible with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop and contains more tools for adding highlights, background distortion, and lens aperture filers.  

Plexus 3

Changing generative art to work for After Effects, that is what the Plexus 3 plugin is used for. From manipulating graphics to visualizing it, you can organize your work and edit is in a more fluid and smooth manner with Plexus 3. Certain shapes such as lines and triangles are available for rendering design particles and graphics along with adding effects of your choice for a better visual appeal. As for the other features, its interface panel is Object-based and it lets you control the depth map culling, motion blur, a sound effector and tools for unified rendering.

Magic Bullet Colorista IV

Designed to be a color correction tool, Magic Bullet Colorista is used by both professionals and beginners for making quick changes in the colors and correcting them while the video is being edited. It also contains a guide tool that aids you in finding the right use of colors in a balanced manner. Colorista is not solely made for After Effects instead you can also use it with Adobe’s Premiere Pro and the Mercury playback engine. In turn, you are able to easily create multiple layers of masked fixes. Other features include a Keyer for adjusting colors, skin overlay tools and auto-balance tools for making quicker color corrections.