8 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Popularity Without Following Others

By September 16, 2021

With over 95 million photos and videos posted every day, Instagram is undeniably one of the serious giants in the industry. However, with that kind of size comes some major competition, and it’s becoming increasingly stiff by the day.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to increase your following without hurting your ratio. Let’s talk about some simple tricks you can use to increase your Instagram popularity without having to follow a bunch of strangers.

Research Instagram Popularity at Its Source

What we mean is to look at those with the most Instagram followings currently and see what you can learn. Sure, Cristiano Ronaldo is a world-famous athlete, and you won’t be competing with him, but the people who became famous through Instagram. Those are the ones who can teach you a thing or two.

With all social media stars, most of them had a niche that evolved and became bigger. Charli from TikTok is an excellent dancer and she was able to become an internet sensation in a matter of months because of it.

Take a look for yourself at the current superstars on the platform and see what they have in common. Look at the way they address their audiences, how they communicate in the comments, and what types of content or humor they use. You’d be surprised how many secrets you can pick up just by scrolling through the big players’ accounts.

Use All Of The Tools At Your Disposal

Don’t just post, don’t just comment, and don’t just create stories. Incorporate everything you can into your strategy in order to maximize your following. Stories have become a powerful tool since their launch back in 2016, and over 500 million Instagram users post stories every day.

Not only that, the majority of people in the Gen Z generation actively watch stories daily on Instagram. If you aren’t using it yet, add it into your strategy and make it a regular habit. It will keep your current followers happy and it may be what piques the interest of someone examining your profile.

If you’re pretty active on traditional posting, that’s great. Make sure that you’re following up in the comment sections. People love it when an influencer or a brand likes or responds to their comments. It’s an easy way to interact with your followers and show the human side behind your brand.

Plus, commenting on other people’s content is a great way to increase your visibility. If you’re running a pet supply store and you see viral animal videos on your feed, drop a funny comment. You’ll be reaching a large part of your target audience (animal lovers) and possibly getting easy follows. Making a top comment on a viral video is almost guaranteed to land you a few new followers.

Optimize Your Profile

Going back to looking at the top contenders, you’ll notice they have things in common on their profiles. No, it isn’t part of the elite Instagram club. You can benefit from this, too.

Of course, getting the blue checkmark goes a long way toward establishing credibility, and it’s something you should strive for if you haven’t already received one. However, there are other things you can do to optimize your profile for organic searches and more. You should have registered your account as a business account but if not, do so.

First, make sure your title is optimized. To do this, keep it as short as possible while still telling the public who you are. If your company is called “Annie’s Pet Shop”, then that’s all you need. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. However, if the company is just called “Annie’s”, then make your title something like “Annie’s – Local Pet Shop”.

Next, you want a good picture. It should be crystal clear and legible in the smallest form. You’ve probably struggled to figure out what an Instagram profile picture was before but if not, we promise they get really small, especially on mobile devices. A clean, legible logo is perfect for this. Nothing more.

Lastly, your bio. Again, you want to keep this short and sweet. Give the relevant information without being too long. You get two lines before someone has to click to read more, so give them everything they need in those two lines.

Something like: “Annie’s is a local pet supply shop in Pittsfield, Massachusetts”, followed by a link to the website, address, or contact information depending on the nature of the business. Whichever you want them to see first and then you can put other information below that.

Create An IGTV Series

Instagram Television (IGTV) was launched in 2020 and it’s quickly becoming a vital part of your Instagram strategy. The quicker you hop on board, the stronger of an advantage you’ll have over your competition.

You can upload any relevant content here. A lot of people enjoy seeing behind-the-scenes work, so this can be a great way for any business to put that content out there. Things like “how it’s made” or “the logistics of”. Alternatively, you can add tutorials on your products, reviews, giveaways, and more.

The opportunities here are endless. If you’re selling a product or service, the chances are that most of your followers are interested in it. Get creative and make relevant content that’s enjoyable to watch for longer periods of time.

Promote Your Instagram On Other Platforms

Even if your following is smaller on Twitter, TikTok, or Facebook, you could still pick up more followers by advertising your Instagram on those platforms. Post one of your funniest or most interesting posts to your other platforms and leave a prompt for people to follow you.

This is an easy one to do and you’ve probably already done it. However, this is one you can incorporate periodically into your strategy. Don’t be spammy but make a post every month or two to promote some of your latest Instagram content if that’s where you want to drive traffic.

Run Promotions

Promotional content is one of the best ways to bring followers in. Offering big sales or discounts is great but offering a grand prize is even better.

You’ve seen posts like “win a free van” or “win a trip to Maui” but it doesn’t have to be like that. It can be totally relevant to your business and bring in traffic directly from your target audience, maximizing the chances that they’ll stay around after the promotion.

Sticking with the pet shop example, you could run promotions like “like, share, and follow for a chance to win a dog grooming session and a box of new toys for your furry friend.” This way, the people who will be engaging with the post and following the prompts will be exactly the people you want following you.

If 100 people share your post and they each have 500 followers, that’s 50,000 new people you were exposed to, each of them having fellow pet lovers among their followers.

Use Trends Wisely

You probably know that there are peak times to use social media throughout the week, so use them to your advantage. Take a look at what’s trending during the popular times and get in on the action if you think it can be relevant or helpful to your business.

If a trend is inappropriate, not relevant to your business, or if you feel uneasy about using it, there will be new trends every day. Don’t try to chase all of them but use trending hashtags when possible. One quality post is going to go much further than 10 dull posts.

Have A Strategy

There are some helpful tips on this list, but they won’t go to any use if you don’t make them a priority. Everything here has to be implemented regularly in order to work. Social media is an ongoing investment.

Remember, it all comes down to having a strategy and following through on it. Sit down with your team and use the tricks you have to your advantage, be consistent, and you’ll start seeing results. Having a clear plan written out like in this list is the way to go but remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Take It Slow

Increasing your Instagram popularity can seem like a never-ending battle, and the truth is that it is. There will always be new updates and new ways to improve your strategy, so don’t give up! Stay up to date with our latest marketing news and start building your following today!