7 creative ways to make YouTube video more effective

By October 12, 2020

Creating a YouTube video is not just about getting the attention of users. It is also about holding it so that the user watches it till the end and stays back for more. If and when you can accomplish this, it will provide you with high traffic and a higher engagement rate. It is what will grow your YouTube channel and make it more successful,

To do all that, you need to make creative YouTube videos so that they have more effect on users and they watch it till the end. Whether you are an individual starting a channel on YouTube or a brand trying to explore your product to more audience, this strategy will work for you.

That is why, stick around as we list some creative ways to make your YouTube video more successful and effective.

1. Never try to cheat your way around the algorithm

YouTube, like other social media platforms, works on algorithms, which you cannot change or beat. Some hacks will get you closer to a higher ranking, but no hack or cheating tips will work for you always as YouTube keeps changing.

Instead, work on trying to create innovation with content that is relevant and will yield better results. Also, focus on keywords so that you can attract more customers through your titles and description.

2. Plan the video

To get more engagement and subscribers, you need to plan your video with careful steps. For that, the first you need to know what is the aim of your video:

  • Is it to inform your users about a product/service?
  • To educate them about a skill or concept?
  • To make them aware about your brand?

When you know the motivation behind your video, it becomes easy to plan a video and its content. The planning process involves:

  • The length of the video
  • The content
  • Equipment
  • Sounds
  • Script
  • Listing every scene according to the sequence for shooting it with ease
  • Number of people required and more

3. Always have a YouTube outro

YouTube outro is the end part of the video, and all your videos should have it. It aids you to include one or more call-to-action to increase engagement by telling users what to do next. If you are regular on YouTube, you must have seen videos ending with small rectangular boxes that show you other videos by the creator or ask you to subscribe.

It is a YouTube outro, and you can create outro with ease using the Canva outro creator. The app provides you with templates that you can customize as per your need.

Other than video playlists and subscribe button, you can add:

  • Link to an alternative channel or
  • Link to a website or social media.

 4. Set the stage

 You will get better engagement if your video focuses on the main topic, and not the background or clutter. That is why setting the stage is so crucial. For instance, if you are shooting a makeup tutorial, make sure that you set the camera such that it focuses on your face and tools when you show them. Keep the background neutral which comes off as pleasing instead of distracting.

Similarly, for cooking tutorials, keep a consistent theme and décor, and never focus on clutter. Show the important things like the tools, ingredients, and the actual cooking, no one needs to see your kitchen or refrigerator.

 5. Understand the needs of your audience

For every YouTube creator, the audience is different. What they expect from you is never the same from what they expect out of other creators. So, to ensure that you get maximum traffic, know your audience. Understand their likes, dislikes, the problem whose answer they are searching for and more.

You can do this by asking them what they want to see next? You will get tons of responses and ideas for your next video.

6.  Don’t be afraid to take risks

Every niche and platform comes with its sets of myths and beliefs. People don’t challenge them as it may put them at risk. But sometimes taking this challenge head-on can lead to better content and more traffic. So, never be afraid to challenge the norms and create your own identity.

 7. Focus on editing

The real charm of the YouTube video is in its editing. Without editing, you only have a bunch of clips and images. So, horn your editing skills and use it to put intros or outros or de-clutter the footage, add funny reactions, text, narration, and more.

These tips will aid you in creating innovative YouTube videos which will encourage the viewers to stay back for more!

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