6 Ingenious Tips To Retain Your Best Performers

By April 25, 2019 ,

Retaining best performers may have made you feel like a mouse running after cheese in a wheel. The second you feel the performer is going to stay with the organisation, he flashes the news of a new job opportunity. The frequency of such a situation is high with the best performers as wherever they go, they shine. Also, a slight hint of this to a competitor proves to be harmful. They make it a mission to poach such employees. The other reason might be the restlessness of the best performing millennial. They are known as the job-hopping generation for a reason.

Nevertheless, no matter what the reason is, here are a few ways to make them stick to your organisation.

  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep-
    At the time of hiring, you must have got really impressed by the candidate. At that time, apart from offering them good compensation, you must have made a few more promises like learning and growth opportunity, incentives etc. If the promises won’t be kept, it can become a reason for grievance. So, don’t make fake promises as it can make them leave the organisation.
  • Follow industry standards for salaries-
    Just so you are not kept by surprise, you must keep a tab on the industry standards for compensation and should make changes in the payroll management software accordingly. If the best performer will sense that he is underpaid or there is no recognition for hard work, he may feel discouraged and undervalued. This can become a reason for him to search for another job.
  • Hold frequent review meetings-
    Quarterly reviews are very important to know if the employee is happy with the organisation or not. Conducting reviews will improve communication and thus solve half of the problems. These mini-reviews focus on the employee. This helps in keeping the employees happy as they get rewarded according to their performance and don’t feel like looking for another opportunity. Moreover, if you are providing a bonus, you can use payroll management software to make the changes.
  • Talk to your employees-
    Not interacting with employees can lead to a big loss. You will never be able to ascertain which employee is planning to leave. In order to make the employees feel valued, you must show interest in knowing what make them happy at the workplace and what makes them frown? What they want from the organisation-growth, learning etc.
  • Make a growth plan-
    If there’s anything that employees value other than the monetary benefit than its the growth, The problem with star performers is that they are already best in what they do. So, new opportunities and responsibilities attract them more than anything else.
  • Implement great work policies-
    Work policies make a huge difference. The time flexibility you offer may be a big reason for the star performer to not leave the job. A situation where your competitor offers better policies can make you lose your star performer easily. So, keep a check on it.

Besides the aforementioned points, you must strive to be the employer every working professional wants to join. Not just your star employees stay but other star performers will keep coming to your office too!

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