5 Mobile games that require a VPN to play better

By September 13, 2020
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In a fast pace technology development, the gaming industry is one of the most significant sectors that has a vast active user on earth. In the last decade, gaming has also shifted from traditional board games to mobile games since mobile technology are getting more advance.

Here are some of the mobile games that you can play to enjoy the fullest gaming experience with a help of a free VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, an essential app to keep your data private and flow between the gaming server to your device. It acts an extra layer of security when you are connected to the internet. VPN also helps to mask your actual IP address and protect you from DDos or hacker attack. Below here are the multiplayer mobile game apps that you might want to consider in playing it.

1.PUBG Mobile

An open map shooting game that you can play in various modes to be the last man standing that still hype in this year with millions of active players monthly.


Another battle royal with two modes to play, Save the World mode, which you will play to clean the zombie and Battle Royal Mode, which you can play with your friends cross-platform.

3.Free Fire

Free Fire offers the same fun and tension as battle royale games in general. You’ll be dropped in a parachute off the plane with other players and choose your landing spot. You’ll have to pick up weapons and all the supplies scattered across the map to survive.

The chances of survival will get bigger, the more you kill other survivors. You’re going to win the game by being the last one to survive.

4.Mobile Legend

Similar to League of legend on PC, you will battle in an arena with three lanes, complete with three towers or sentry. Every particular period, our base and enemy base will unleash creeps that will run in every lane. These creeps fight automatically and will drop gold when you kill them, or there’s our team killing them near us.

5.Clash of Clans

In this game, you don’t just build buildings; more precisely, you have to create a solid defense for your village. You have to build cannons, watchtowers, defensive walls, and also recruit troops (barbarians, archers, goblins, and dragons). The point is not how crowded the villages you create are, but how powerful your village is to withstand goblin attacks and other clash of clan players from all over the world.

You have found some games to play from the list, now let’s move to what VPN can offer to get the best mobile gaming experience.

  1. VPN helps you to boost gameplay

VPN will offer servers from countries all over the globe. By connecting to a country server that is close to the game- server can help to reduce ping and lag. VPN also bypass the throttling from the ISP side that can potentially help to reduce ping.

  • Bypass geo-limited and play multiplayer cross-server

Connecting to the country server in a different country will make you as if you are playing in that country. You will meet people and that particular country and play together. Choosing a server that has more player also reduce your waiting times

  • Access geo-restricted content

As you have succeeded in playing cross-server, you may see people use something that you didn’t see available in your country. By using a VPN, you can access the geo-limited content such as skin to make your gameplay more fun.

  • Securing your data while gaming

By using a VPN, you are adding another layer of protection to your data by hiding your real IP address, which can be used to identify your location.

  • Add encryption to gaming traffic

VPN will use bank-level encryption to secure your traffic through their secure server.

  • Protect yourself from DDoS attack

By hiding your real IP address, it will save you from potential DDoS attacks to bring your connection down while gaming.

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