5 Best Apps for Outdoor Activities

By September 28, 2018
Best Apps for Outdoor Activities

The invention of technology has brought so much changes in the world, both negative and positive. It has made things more advanced and easy. Unlike long ago when people used paper maps for directions or explored the same routes using a few guide books, nowadays, there are smartphones that are provided with GPS devices, maps, navigators, Google and different types of applications for camping, tracking, climbing, biking and hiking. These apps and advanced communication devices have made outdoor activities more fun and adventurous.

When enjoying adventures here are some of the best apps I recommend to make it more fun, memorable and safe.



Ramblr is a service that provides a way to historically account facts and important events, record and share your outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, road trip, travel or any type of trip. The app is free to download and available for iPhone and Android. Ramblr still works without a phone signal or data network connection although some features and map display may be limited. It needs a GPS signal to record trips.

Through this app you can use video and audio recordings to build a rich detailed record of your journey and create a story. You can check out statistics for your trip, such as distance, highest points, speed and duration. It tracks your route on the map record and helps to relive the full experience of your trip by recording audios, videos, taking pics, recording notes and tagging them to points on your map thus making it easy to create an account or write an excellent journal after the trip. After uploading them to Ramblr you can share your trips and memories of your adventure on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, shareable links, and HTML.

For directions and trips, one can use the built-in GPS system or download public trips from the server for guidance. You can also browse and access trips taken by others and interact with other Ramblr users.

GPS Essentials

GPS Essentials is the most complete GPS app but only available on Android. It is used to navigate, manage waypoints, track routes and build own dashboard from 45 widgets. It shows navigation values such as: accuracy, altitude, speed, battery, bearing, climb, course, date, declination, distance, eta, latitude, longitude, max speed, min speed, actual speed, true speed, sunrise, sunset, moonset, moonrise, moon phase, target, time and turns through the dashboard.

It shows the orientation of the earth’s magnetic field, arbitrary tracking angle and the current target through a compass. Its camera is used to show your waypoints, take pictures and share them. It also manages routes and views them on map, import KML files from Google Maps and Google Earth, creates turn-by-turn instructions between waypoints. GPS Essentials has features that work both online or offline.


Komoot is a personal guide that makes it easier for you to experience authentic outdoor adventures. It is available globally across most platforms: iOS, Android and web, as well as for Apple Watch, Android Wear and Samsung Gear smartwatches. It is free to download to use.


Komoot is the first route planner that calculates the difficulty of planned routes and summarizes detailed information. Komoot’s planning and navigation technology allows you to easily discover more of the great outdoors if you’re  road cycling, hiking, bike packing or mountain biking. It allows fans of the outdoors to effectively plan adventures. If you want smooth pavements for your road bike, single tracks or peaceful trails for your hikes, it plans according to an individual preferences and simply customizes each route to include whatever you want to see along the way, the surface elevation. It tells you in advance what to expect next based on the planned route.

It also provide voice navigation, offline maps, tour recording and a speedometer. Komoot’s turn by turn navigation and offline maps keeps your adventure on track. It helps you share photographs and stories of your best moments, saves every part of the adventure, recommends your favorite spots to other komoot users and helps interaction with like-minded adventurers even when they’re far away. Komoot is the most popular mapping app, is easy to use and works for a whole range of outdoor sports.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava is a social fitness network that is used to track cycling, running, and swimming activities, using GPS data. It functions as a social network where users can follow each other and activities are automatically grouped together when they occur at the same time and place. Users can share, like and comment on each other’s activities, upload photos and activities.


Strava is the complete package for running and cycling tracking. It tracks your fitness, analyzes your training, plans and records on routes by tracking distance, swim pace, cycle speed, elevation gained & calories burned. It also maps your favorite bike/run trail, monitors activities through providing personal monthly challenges s well as with others in the network, all for free. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and android.

SAS Survival Guide

The SAS Survival Guide is an emergency app and guide to surviving in any situation that helps to know what to do when something goes wrong and surviving in any type of situation like accidents, chemical or nuclear disasters and adverse climates. It helps to identify edible plants and making fire anywhere in the world among others.

SAS Survival Guide app works on iOS and Android devices, is easy to use and even functions offline for the most part, while offering useful information and tips that aren’t just useful to study, but may also prove useful at the moment of a real emergency.

SASSAS Survival Guide is enriched with videos providing survival tips, photo galleries of plants that are good and bad for you, animal tracks, knots, sea creatures and snakes. It has over 400 pages filled with survival techniques and tips, a Morse code signaling tool, a sun compass, checklist for survival needs, a detailed First Aid section, extreme climate survival, search tool to scan the entire book by subject and 100 plus question to test if one has what it takes to survive.

It’s quite efficient and important when it comes to extreme adventures and can be used in any category, be it camping, biking, hiking, kayaking, hunting, cycling and swimming.

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