What can an Influencer do to Engage More Audience for Their Brands? 4 Tips to Build Brand Awareness and Recognition

By February 11, 2021
Brand Awareness

Marketing and social media go hand-in-hand.

How can we say this so confidently?

In this digital age, everyone is glued on to their mobile screens. The so-called trending online social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) have effectively changed the perception of the audience. From clicking photos to buying a smallest product, every decision is taken after studying or looking at a desired profile online. Thus, marketing gurus have also laid their eyes on the social media platforms.

Now whether it is a small bakery shop or a hotel business, every business is keen to explore the online space for marketing purposes. Instead of a sampling survey, the brands can directly know the interests of the people from almost every age group they are targeting on the social media platforms.

The constant buzz word that we are hearing since the digital marketing evolution is “influencer marketing”. These people are thorough users of online platforms, who exactly have the idea of what the people like to see or read. They already have a set of followers who like to have a look at their content and relate to it on personal grounds.

Such affection or sense of understanding between a follower & a content creator is rare. For a brand, collaboration with an engaging influencer can help them capture their audience more easily than other marketing mediums. Both can easily reach out to each other without any hesitation to do business online.

If you are a budding influencer in search of a brand collaboration or are the one looking to improve your engagement ratio for the collaborated brands, then you have landed on the right blog. Herein we have listed four tips that you can use to attract and retain the followers on your online profile.

4 Tips Influencers Should Consider Providing Their Brands with Better Brand Awareness

1. Create engaging content that enhances the brand

Being an influencer, you have an idea about your followers and the content they like to see. For brands this whole world is a vast ocean of opportunities, they know their funding & do collaboration on the basis of getting a sure desired result from you.

As an influencer you need to study the brand and come up with some relatable concept that fits well in place with the followers as well as an online marketing tactic for the business. Let’s take an example of ZoellaZeebo, a well-known beauty and lifestyle influencer. She promotes any brand related to her genre from lingerie to cosmetic products.

The promotion is done in such a way that is beneficial for both the parties. It is through online blogs, posts, reels, stories, which leverages their presence in the online world. The audience loves to look at the brands she promotes as it seems accessible and well in budget for them. She provides them valid information through blogs and the content below her posts that helps the commoners to understand the quality of the brand.

2. Design contests and giveaways related to the brands

To retain and engage the audience is a challenge. As an influencer you have to design such content which will help you to know a timely response of your followers with their interests in a said brand. On the other hand, brands will also get their niche audience who are showing interest in their services or products.

Our human tendency is all about getting ‘free items,’ wherever we spot the word FREE, we go gaga. Online marketing has played a major role when it comes to luring customers in the name of ‘online sale’ and ‘contest alert’. It is a successful tactic for the influencers and the brand, as people take participation and also learn about the brand during the contest. The brand also gets some new followers through such efforts on the social platform and retains them by providing a qualitative service or product.

3. Referral programs to grab the attention of followers

Promo codes, discount codes are the best referral marketing strategy for online food influencer or also for online influencer marketing shopify wherein the users are attracted to know more about which product or item we buy will be available from the given code.

This increases the traffic to the said page or site that helps in measuring the ROI. For a brand and influencer, it works as a trusted method that gives effective results which they can compare. When an influencer gives out a link for the promo codes, the consumers are lured towards it, and visits the page, the said impression is captured in the analytics and the ratio says it all for the success or failure of the campaign. Thus, it is the most speedy way to gain popularity among the audience for both the parties.

4. Invitational sharing strategy for the influencers

If a brand wants an influencer to promote a blog or some other information on his portal then such invitational strategy is used. The influencer shares the link of the said page in his post or stories and informs his followers about it.

An invitational strategy is the instant one, wherein the brand comes to know that it has been tagged by the promoter as well as can also look at the social media insights to know the click ratio of the campaign. It builds a trustworthy bond between the influencer and the brand.


So, if you are planning on an influencer marketing Shopify or looking for ways to support your brands, try these tactics listed above. They are easy yet effective strategies for small as well as big brand collaboration. To stay in the market up and running, you need to be creative & experimenting with different ways of communicating and engaging the audience. The brands will successfully flow in once you crack your creative formula of attracting consumers. Let creativity make its way to the content market of the online world.

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