3 Platforms For Integrating Internet Of Things With WordPress

By December 6, 2018 ,

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to revolutionize human life by enabling physical objects to communicate over the internet. Some examples of its application are already visible in the form of smart lighting solutions and virtual assistants. People looking to hire a WordPress developer or any other professional are also looking at ways in which their interfaces can leverage this new technology. With REST API, the open-source CMS already possesses a method for communicating with external applications and devices. This route has not been exploited fully and developers have to depend on other platforms for integrating IoT with WordPress. Let’s take a look at some such services which can help WordPress users harness the power of IoT.


A very popular name in the domain, IFTTT is a free platform helping various services connect with each other. If This Then That (IFTTT) is based on the theory that the response to an event can generate an outcome. It uses the IF (event) and DO (outcome) recipes to establish simple if-then connections. It categorizes the various services as channels and users can collect their preferred channels at one place for integration. They can take help of pre-existing recipes or create new ones to achieve their objective. Each recipe contains two web applications- one for triggering an event and the other to perform the desired action. The service can be used by WordPress users to automatically share new posts on their Facebook pages. They can employ the service to connect with other social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc. the platform uses applets to make the connection between two services which cover all aspects of human life. The most beneficial feature of IFTTT is that minimum technical knowledge is required to use the platform. Most tasks do not require any code input and can be completed in just a few clicks. This feature is enough to motivate existing owners to convert website to WordPress and integrate it with IoT using IFTTT.

2. littleBits

littleBits is an innovative service which enables people to build their own devices by using its electronic building blocks. These creations can then be connected to the world wide web with the service’s own API. The platform was started with the intention of encouraging kids to develop solutions by providing them with easy to use kits. All the electronic blocks given by the service are modular, colour-coded and magnetic. This makes it easy for young minds to comprehend their functions and combine them to build a new device. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, these inventions can be connected to the internet also turning them into IoT applications. WordPress users can take help from the free plugin that this service provides for connecting their interfaces to the API. This plugin is available for free and makes the process of connecting the two platforms simple. In addition to this, there is also the option of using IFTTT to make the connection. One of the most inventive products for integrating IoT with WordPress, littleBits can be used by anyone to give expression to their innovativeness.

3. Particle

Particle is a very well-known platform that provides comprehensive solutions ranging from IoT hardware to applications. It boasts of a large community of over 140,000 professionals using it for their jobs. The service makes hardware components with cloud-connected microcontrollers that helps in easily connecting a device to the internet. Its hardware development kits are reasonably priced and scalable. With in-built communication protocols, encryption and access to its cloud service, there is no need for the development of a separate network stack. All devices are connected to its cloud-based system and can be managed by a device management console. These kits which can help build cloud-connected prototypes have REST API functioning in the background. This gives a simple way to integrate a WordPress interface with the service. WordPress users can also take help of the service’s channel on IFTTT to connect their interface to the service. There are various applets available on the channel helping in tasks like monitoring downtime or publishing a private event. Another easy way is to use the Spark Core plugin to make the connection.


The path-breaking technology is expected to impact all aspects of human life and knowing the methods of integrating IoT with WordPress will help users exploit the technology for their benefit.

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