3 DIY Projects That Will Use Your Heavy Casters

By March 12, 2019
Heavy Casters

Do you have some extra casters taking up space in one of your tool drawers? Looking for a project that will use them up? Even if you’re not, if you’d like to learn about a few great DIY projects that will help furnish your home and make your life easier, keep reading. You won’t believe how easy it is to build the creature comforts you need to kick back and relax when you get done with work in the evenings.

Mobile Kitchen Carts

If you’ve always wanted a kitchen island but your home layout makes it inconvenient, consider building yourself a mobile cart you can position where you need it. You can get all the benefits of an island without having to deal with a permanent installation. There are dozens of great designs to choose from, too, so you can easily find one you like. Most projects only require basic cabinetry tools and lumber, as well as the large casters and other pre-assembled hardware that allow mechanical parts like the drawers and gliding mobility functions to work. Check out the options, and find one that you can tuck out of the way when you’re not using it.

Tool Chests

So you’re not a chef and there isn’t one in your family. No big deal. Did you know a lot of the designs that make for great islands with custom drawers can be re-purposed and ruggedized to make a tool chest? Why spend hundreds or even thousands on a lockable design from a major manufacturer when you can build the security and storage space you need yourself? All it takes is a little brainstorming to adapt many of the designs for kitchen carts to handle the extra wear and tear that comes from being in a workshop.

Home Bar & Liquor Cabinet

The biggest issue with most home bar installations, other than the price, is the fact that they are heavy and immobile, so you have to dedicate an entire room to being a full-time tavern. This can create traffic issues when you entertain unless you’re willing to commit to having your home bar as a centerpiece in your common spaces. There’s the option to make it mobile, though. You can either by an existing one-piece home bar and then price out the heavy-duty casters you’ll need to make it mobile or build one for yourself. Don’t stop at these suggestions. If you’ve got extra casters, you can make all sorts of fun projects that will also improve your life. Think about it for a while and see what ideas pop up for you.