Top 10 Concerns Regarding Software Development

By July 29, 2019
Software Development

Software development is not an exact science. But some recurring problems are experienced by many invite disasters. Some common mistakes by project managers and developers are often repeated and they are quite damaging.

In any vertical industry, managing projects of different levels of complexities and sizes is essential. Same goes for software development. In the software development industry, some things are constant. Some instances are software implementation, upgrades and enhancements, infrastructure projects, mobile apps, and web-based development solutions. And when it comes to upgrades and enhancements, even established companies like Frontier Phone and Internet, may also need them.

After extensive research on software defect analyses, we have identified some common concerns in software development. They are found in a wide variety of environments and apps.

10 Common Problems in Software Development

  1. Incorrect Calculations.
  2. Ineffective Data Editing.
  3. Incorrect Data Editing.
  4. Incorrect Coding & Implementation of Business Rules.
  5. Misleading or Confusing Data.
  6. Inadequate Performance of Software.
  7. Obsolete Software.
  8. Difficult-to-Use Software.
  9. Inconsistent Processing.
  10. Difficult to Understand and Maintain.

Let’s discuss.

Incorrect Calculations

Incorrect calculations are often seen in date and financial calculations. Mathematical operators and functions are the key determinants in these calculations.

Ineffective Data Editing

This happens when data editing is just right in place. But still, incorrect data is not prevented from entering into the system. One of such instances is the alphanumeric address field. It allows entering spaces even before any letters and numbers are added in the address. And so, when sorts of searches are performed regarding the address field, the intended address is not found.

Incorrect Data Editing

It happens when the software is unable to apply edits to existing data correctly. For instance, data edits can be coded to stop the entry of a month’s day greater than 31. This can cause entry of dates like February 30. Also, if it doesn’t allow for the month to not exceed 12, invalid dates will be entered.

Incorrect Coding & Implementation of Business Rules

This has to be the most common source of software issues. These are the mistakes, which occur and create an essential difference between what is intended to be developed/implemented and the actual product that is delivered. You can trace back these defects to missing, incorrect, and vague system requirements and specifications. The cause can also be a misinterpretation of required specs.

Misleading or Confusing Data

This doesn’t mean that the data is incorrect. It implies that users are not able to fully understand and interpret data. If you think it is a trivial problem, you are wrong. Think about the software error based on the wrong interpretation of data in a medical facility. Lives can be lost because of the failure of someone’s wrong interpretation of data.

Inadequate Performance of Software

These problems involve slow response times of system and throughput rates of transactions. If the software is performing inadequately, problems will arise.

Obsolete Software

This refers to software that doesn’t work anymore. This also refers to the functions found in the older versions of operating systems and databases. When obsolete software is not replaced by newer versions, these problems are evident. And they are quite common. Many vendors put in an effort to make new releases of the support software that are compatible. But in many cases, even if a minor area of the non-support system is left unaddressed, major revisions can cause in the system.  

If you end up not upgrading the support software, then know that this decision will only work for a short span of time. Replacement or modification of software will become essential eventually.

Difficult-to-Use Software

Many users have reported frustration from experiencing and using cumbersome software. Other things that gave poor experience were difficult navigation and involving multiple steps to perform simple tasks. All these things result from an unplanned and uncoordinated history of software modification. It also results from a lack of understanding of human-computer interactions.

Inconsistent Processing

This refers to software that is designed to work correctly in a particular kind of environment. It cannot be used or transported to a different environment. This means that if an organization decides to adopt new technology that essentially requires portability of old software to new environments, there will be problems. To meet new technical specifications, the software will need new replacements and modifications.

Difficult to Understand and Maintain

This deals with the ability of developers and programmers to maintain software. The person responsible for this job needs to essentially understand and analyze all the details related to the maintenance of the software.

Today, most of the existing software was initially written and created in an unstructured manner. And it has been used for basics until now. The said type of software structures results in unstructured and complex spaghetti codes. Furthermore, you cannot make new changes in particulars of the software like you make changes to one of your Frontier Internet Packages. When new changes are made to such software, the risks of creating unintentional new defects becomes higher.