How to Recover Permanently Deleted Folder of Important Office Files

By November 13, 2018

Folders might get deleted from your local PC, storage network area, or from Backup drive either accidentally or intentionally. If you have suffered just the same problem then there are tried and tested methods through which you can recover your data. Read on to know more.

You are working in an ISO 27001 compliant organization. As per the requirements of Information Security Management System (ISMS), it is obligatory to take data backup of your essential office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoints, and other documents) on your data backup folder on a periodic basis.

The frequency & time of data backup depends upon the criticality of your data or as per the norm set up by the management. The informal data such as personal images, movies, songs, setups, drivers, etc. should not be present in the backup folder. Moreover, there should not be any redundancy in data that means you should not store same file in more than one folder. If redundancy found then the data get delete without prior intimation and warning mail sent to the user.

Furthermore, if data is not backed up weekly then the server access is blocked. System support team needs to be contacted, if there is no backup folder or are facing any other kind of problem related to backup. All sounds good and informative and ISMS is great. But, what can be done if you have permanently deleted your folder from both your allotted PC as well as backup drive.

This seems silly, but has occurred – to your own surprise. You were trying to move files from your PC to Backup drive, deleted the same from the backup, then pressed undo; the files where gone from both the places.

The reason for such permanent deletion of folder is, undo command functions on the internal volume, so if you try to move (cut from one place and paste on the other) from internal volume to external (here backup drive), then the backup drive exclusively contains the folder. Now, if you delete that folder, you lose the folder completely, as it is not saved in the recycle bin unlike when you delete from the folder within a computer’s internal hard disk drive.

You are freakily madden about the blunder you have committed. Is there any solution for you to get back your permanently deleted folder?

Good news! You can get out from this predicament, as follows in two methods:

Method 1:

  1. Create a new folder on the backup drive and rename it to the same name as that of the deleted folder’s name. (You need to remember the name of the deleted file).
  2. Select the renamed folder and click the right button of the mouse to open its context menu. Click on ‘Restore previous versions’ from the context menu.
  3. Folder properties dialog box is displayed. Select the ‘Previous Versions’ tab.
  4. Under Folder versions, select the past date from which you want to restore your folder. Click the Restore button.
  5. Previous Versions confirmation dialog box is displayed. Click the Restore button.
  6. The folder containing office files is restored. Check the files inside the folder. (The count of the files may vary depending upon the version you chose, so always choose the penultimate version prior to deletion.)

Congratulations, you have recovered your folder.

Method 2:

If there are no previous versions available, then you need to use data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery  Standard edition with the latest version. The steps that you need to follow are:

  • Download Stellar Windows data recovery on the local machine to the volume where the data was not deleted.

  • Install the software; it will automatically be deployed on the system volume.
  • Launch the software interface by double clicking on the desktop icon (or from the start menu). The intuitive wizard will guide you to complete your recovery process successfully.
  • Select the Folders option from the Select what to recover screen of the wizard. Click the Next button.
  • Select the volume from where your folder was permanently deleted. Click the Scan button. Scanning process continues. Wait till the scanning is completed.


  • Preview all recoverable data after scanning process is completed. You can view and sort results by ‘File Type’, ‘Tree View’, or ‘Deleted List’. Select the files that were present inside the deleted folder (If you do not remember, then select all). Click the Recover button.
  • Select desired location and click “Start Saving” to save the recovered data.


There you go, you have recovered permanently deleted folder of important office files.

To sum up

You are now cognizant of the two methods through which you can recover your permanently deleted folder. Office file recovery is easy with the help of Stellar Windows Data Recovery. In case you need advanced support for other data recovery issues, you can get in touch with a professional data recovery solution provider.