Effective Snapdeal API Integration with Shipping Software

By July 18, 2019
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One way to handle the multiple orders, shipping, stock, and accounts for a business is by having all the information available at a single place. The data from various e-commerce websites, marketplaces, multiple carrier channels, etc. can now be imported and accessed using special software known as the shipping software. 

Ezyslips is a platform that allows the store owners to import their data from various channels and carriers and also to keep track of the accounts, without any hassle. The process is time-saving and cost-effective while reducing the workload for the store owner. We offer shipping software package to our clients to help them integrate various APIs with our platform. 

The process is easy and once the integration is completed the data is automatically imported and accessible. Automatic updates and synchronization ensure that no data is lost and the store owner has the latest details at all times. 

Snapdeal is an Indian e-commerce company based in New Delhi. Started in 2010, the company diversifies into more than 800 categories of products. Ezyslips can be integrated with Snapdeal using the Snapdeal API documentation they make available to platforms like ours to allow the API integration process. 

The following are the advantages of integrating Snapdeal with Ezyslips. 

  • Import Orders

    • Store owners do not have to keep checking the Snapdeal account to keep track of the orders. 
    • The one-step easy importing process transfers the data to our platform in no time. 

  • Assign Tracking Numbers 

    • Snapdeal API integration allows store owners to assign real-time tracking numbers with just a single click. 
    • The orders are arranged in a serial manner and the numbers are assigned so that the shipments can be tracked easily. 

  • Track the Shipment 

    • Integration with companies like BlueDart, DTDC, Delhivery, FedEx, etc. will make it easy to track all the shipped orders. 
    • Updates will be sent to the customers accordingly.

  • Accounting Made Easy 

    • Print the invoices in bulk. 
    • Manage and track the returns and tax reports on a weekly or monthly basis. 
    • Show the IGST, CGST, SGCT details on all invoices. 

  • Expand Customer Base

    • When working on the backend takes less time, the store owners can concentrate on expanding their customer base by trying different sales methods. 
    • Offers, discounts, combo packs are a good way to boost sales. 
    • The Snapdeal API integration makes it easy to arrange the special offers and track the orders and stock. 

Many store owners have noticed that the sales performance has improved and they could take better business decisions after integrating the e-commerce websites to Ezyzslips platform. It helps in being in control of the business at all times and allows the owners to plan their investment in the stock they sell. The reverse pickup requests can be identified easily and the goods can be effectively connected to the warehouses for efficient movement of the orders. 

To know more about the API integration process, visit: https://ezyslips.com/home.php