Top 7 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips Startups Can’t Do Without

By February 27, 2019
7 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips For All Business

It is a known thing now that Social Media Marketing (SMM) has transformed into a powerful marketing tool, even for startups. SMM would bring the desired results if carried out in a proper manner.

So, to help you out, we are here with some essential social media tips for small businesses. These would also comprise of some digital marketing strategy for startups. Go through them, and implement as you go about deploying Social Media Marketing. Hope that you find these to be useful.

1. Shortlisting on the best social media channels for your startup:

What you are required to do initially is to recognize ‘which are the suitable and optimum Social Media Marketing channels for my startup’.

One can’t get an answer to this question without experimenting with the best social media channels that can create a positive impact on businesses e.g. LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or any other specific platforms. Knowing where your target audience is, would also help a great deal.

List out at the most 4 to 5 Social Media Marketing channels where you come across an audience that might be interested in your service or product. In that case, set up campaigns on each platforms in order to identify the best ones for your startup.

2. Chalk out a social media strategy prior to creating social media profiles:

In fact, even before you begin looking for the correct channels/platforms, give a thought to your business objectives and goals, and how they can be accomplished with the help of social media. Likewise, have in mind your target audience at all times, and what sort of an organization you wish to be on the social media.

Whether your brand would opt for a viable, straightforward approach to social messaging, or are you inclined towards a more easygoing existence? Align your social media presence with your organization culture. It does not imply that you can’t have a playful Tweet at times—yet, do take efforts to bring consistency across your feeds.

Digital Marketing Courses in Pune will help you to learn Social Media Marketing in depth. Undergoing one, will actually help the Pune based startup owners in a big way. So, thing about it.

3. Make the maximum out of what’s trending:

Facebook and Twitter furnish you with in-depth insights into the top trends on social media. Make use of this information to come up with a social media marketing plan for your startup. You need to keep a track of all the latest trends, and check out which is the one that you can make the most out of, for your brand.

You can put to use the hashtags that happen to be always in trend, or else, you can create your own customized hashtags, in order to promote your social media marketing campaigns. You can also make the maximum out of certain events, e.g. Diwali or Christmas, so as to market your startup. Hashtags serve to be an effective way to stay in the news, and create a mark on the market accordingly.

4. Save expenses on the customer service, with the use of social media

Putting to use social media for customer service is as simple as making social listening to an obligatory task in your everyday social media routine. A social media management tool like Hootsuite can be used, to build search streams for your brand name, and keep a check on all the mentions in real-time.

In the initial days of your business, maintaining an open line of communication with your clients happens to be critical—your capacity to respond and include their suggestions and comments on your products or services can either make or destroy your startup’s growing reputation. It’s likewise a very cost effective solution, because your customer support executive can serve to be your social media manager, and social media profiles do not cost a dime to create.

Thus, if you own a startup in Mumbai and want to learn Social Media Marketing, the best would be a top Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai.

5. Being active and regular posting is the way to go:

On the off chance that your pages remain empty for a considerable length of time, your customers can’t help but ask whether your business is in good condition or rapidly lose interest in your startup. Routine posting is therefore needed. This isn’t just a strategic approach, but in addition, a content plan.

Promptly responding to customer complaints, questions or requests (at times even orders) is mandatory. In the world of social media, it is unforgivable to wait for a response to a question (if at all). Regardless of whether you can answer instantly or not, you can leave a short message for your (potential) customer or an indication to respond to a specific time window. It doesn’t need to be a round the clock service. It is also adequate to indicate the “opening times” in the profiles.

6. Make use of artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence (AI) turns out to be effective when it is utilized on social media to carry out tasks such as content creation and optimization, posting and social media monitoring, finding out the relevant influencers and in particular, getting audience/consumer data.

AI in addition, is likewise proven to be a significant part of a social media marketing plan. You can spare both manpower and time, which you can invest in rest of the valuable tasks.

7. Keep focus on mobile marketing:

Come 2019, and individual’s access to social media more on mobile than their desktops. That’s why, your social media posts ought to be mobile-focused.

A number of brands have come up with interesting and engaging mobile-based social media campaigns, and it has resulted in a large impact on their brand engagements and mentions.

These tips can take you places in your Social Media Marketing endeavors. So, do not forget to work on them. 

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