How to Grow Your Instagram without buying Followers

By November 30, 2018
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As we all know that Instagram is the most popular media in the social world. People are using Instagram daily. When you start your account you have zero followers but with the passage of time, your followers start increasing. If you are professional and want to start a business then Instagram is the best way to start. There are many ways to start your professional Instagram account and you can get followers increasing with the passage of time. As all people start from zero but keep this thing in mind that you will grow faster with the help of hard working. As hard working is the key to success. You have to be social on the internet. Don’t buy followers because they are not long lasting and in addition to that they do your work with your money. So don’t waste money on people to become your followers. In this article, I will share with you how to become Instagram famous withoutt buying followers.

Now the question is that how to grow your instagram without buying followers.

There are so many tips for increasing followers without buying them but here are some of the best tips for increasing followers.

Post Consistently on Instagram:

If you post consistently on Instagram then you get more likes on Instagram and also get more followers. A number of posts matter a lot. If you post once or two times a day then it will increase your followers more effectively and also the posts engagements will be increased. If you post 7 to 10 times a week then it will increase your followers in a more renowned way. You can double your growth rate by posting 6 to 7 times a week. Using Instagram Insights you can check the growth rate of your profile on instagram.

Post Videos or Live Videos or Stories:

As Instagram is a social media on which photo sharing and photo uploading have been done. But Instagram is not limited to just photos but you can increase your followers by posting videos or by going live on Instagram. By going live will help you a lot in engaging people. There are lots of people on instagram who are growing their instagram by adding stories to their profiles and honestly guys it works a lot. So post stories and become famous by increasing your followers.

Join Instagram Engagement Groups:

If you are new on Instagram then you can grow your Instagram by joining Instagram engagement groups.Just join the groups and see the magic. Your followers are going to increase day by day by joining instagram engagement groups. Because engagement groups have lots of followers and when you post photos, stories or interesting videos people got to stick to it and if your post is liked by people luckily then people just click the follow button and your followers will increase rapidly. You can also use Instagram Auto Liker to Inrese your followers and engagmenst very fast. You know why people are following you because your post is effective and they want to see more posts from your side. If you are interested in doing business on instagram then post beautiful and high quality photos and videos of your product. Seriously people going to see your product and increasing day by day because you are posting your photos in that engagement groups.

Use Proper and Relevant Hashtags:

As we all know that salty food is nothing without salt, laptop or computer is nothing without the internet. Similarly, Instagram is nothing without hashtags. Proper and relevant usage of hashtags will grow your Instagram profile. The usage of right hashtags will lead you to the large and targeted audience. If you add your location hashtags with relevant and impressive hashtags then You got more post engagements than before. You can use 30 hashtags in a post. But I think using 10 hashtags is enough. You will gain maximum engagement rates in 10 hashtags.

The content of the post should be fit:

The content of your post should be relevant and up to the mark and the content of the post have attractions towards the audience. The percentage of your followers will be going to increase with the passing time because people are liking your post. If people like your post then definitely they will share it and ultimately they will become your followers. Be cool and calm guys because you cannot get followers in thousands in a day.

Collaborate with Others:

When you collaborate with others number of your followers will increase rapidly. You can collaborate with others either through sponsorship or partnership. When you become partners then you share each other’s posts and then definitely will share each other audience. Then in this way, your followers will grow.

Post at Your Best Time:

If you post at the right time then it will increase your followers many times. You should notice that what is the time when your audience is active on instagram.when you know that for example 5 pm to 10 pm my audience is active, then you should post photos or videos between 5 to 10 pm.

Final Words:

Instagram is the fast-growing media in the social world. These are the tips by which your followers will increase without buying them. There are many people on Instagram who become glad to become a follower by taking money but this is not the right way to gain followers. The question is that how many times you buy followers and to which time. So my view is that take these tips in your mind and grow your Instagram profile.

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