Further Your Mission Through Social Media Using Instagram


The best way to enhance the objective of your mission and to spread it further is to use social media. Add to that if you use Instagram, you are bound to get even more desired and better results. It is a universal fact that a single picture speaks a thousand words.

When it comes to any social media platform, combining it with a picture posted on Instagram will allow you to filter it, add a motivational quote and do lots more in between. Though the concept is fairly new in the world of social networking, it still has a wide range of applicability with an assurance of exponential growth.

Over 400 million users in its name, Instagram happens to be the largest mobile social network that encourages visual marketing of your brand and storytelling. It assures more audience engagement, emotional appeal, creating intimacy and with real instagram likes users can share more personal photos and videos through their accounts. It also allows users to follow others accounts. The most significant benefit of using Instagram is that you can discover newer and better trends when you use hashtags.

Promote your campaign

Just like most fundraising campaigns, you can even promote yours in different useful ways.

  • You can use personal imagery, valuable tools and apps like Like4Like of Instagram. Most of the nonprofit organizations use hashtags to raise donations and offer text-to-give campaigns. These features will help you in your long-term fundraising.
  • Include an appropriate call to action so that the followers can take part and get back to you or your organization’s website.
  • Include a suitable link to the site in your personal profile as Instagram does not have the feature to link in captions currently. You can use photo captions for this matter to prompt your followers to click back and direct them to your website.
  • Report live events that you may host through Instagram to showcase it. Present the special moments in real-time basis through videos and photos.
  • You may even tag volunteers of your philanthropic organization or any donor or staff member in such posts. This will help the followers to get a glimpse of what is going on in your organization and who all is involved with your campaign.
  • Always thank your constituents using Instagram and personalize your messages dedicated to the volunteers and donors of your group, charitable or otherwise. In your thank-you messages demonstrate character and gratitude, encourage constituents to stay involved and market your brand.
  • Constituent recognition is perhaps the most productive way and the best possible method to make the best use of Instagram in social media marketing. Make sure that your posts feature the donors to your charity with their permission of course and highlight everything that the volunteers have done for your organization.

Finally, grow your nonprofit following and constituent base using Instagram Stories. This will create a better and more impactful visual storytelling appeal. You will receive more Free Instagram likes than Twitter and Facebook combined. Like other people’s posts, share an image or video every day and engage more with your followers.


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