Check Out These Latest Instagram Tools That You Can Use for Marketing

By April 4, 2019
Instagram marketing tools

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms these days. It is a photo and video sharing social networking website that is useful for many purposes. You can share pictures, videos, stories with your followers using Instagram. It has become a common platform for interactions and communication. It is more than just a fun pastime website. Instagram is the best way to reach numerous people with minimum efforts. Therefore, it is also known as a “goldmine” for marketers and influencers. It has given the opportunity to so many brands to promote their product and services. You can find new customers for your business on Instagram.

Promoting your business on Instagram is part of social media optimization. People use various tactics like hiring influencers with the huge number of followers to advertise their business products. Instagram paid ads is another useful tactic that can bring new potential clients for your business. Most of the people spend so much time on Instagram for their entertainment. Therefore, you take this thing seriously for internet marketing.

The first question that arises is “How to attract the followers on your Instagram account”? Well, that is not difficult. It is very easy to get followers on Instagram. You just have to focus on posting qualitative content regarding your business with an informative caption. You can simply turn your profile into the business profile and it would become easier to promote your business. Instagram has some of the most useful features that can be used for effective marketing of the business. Read this post if want more details about how Instagram can be used as the social media optimization tool for internet marketing.

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Some of the Best Tools of Instagram

Social Gone Viral: If you want to increase the organic growth of followers on your business profile then this Social gone viral tool is appropriate for you. Instagram has some algorithms that you must take advantage of; you can gain followers, likes, comments on your profile using this tool.
Magic Social: This tool is useful for tracking the activity of any Instagram profile. It uses the most advanced growth techniques of Instagram. You can track the activities of your competitors. It offers you services like benchmark, side-by-side comparison and engagement metrics. It allows you to build a similar audience to that of your competitors.

social gone viral

Inconosquare: This tool allows you to manage your Instagram activity. You must use the analytical data provided by the inconosquare. It gives you the opportunity to compare your performance with competitors. It also helps you to dig deep into the results that are being delivered from your content. In addition to this, you can also have access to the detailed information of your followers, Hashtag analysis and some other metrics.


Sensible: If you need some help for managing your Instagram profile, then Sensible tool is appropriate for you. It is a fully featured Instagram tool that develops analysis data report. It also manages to schedule and posting the content, replies to your followers by using a separate chat box. You can also collaborate with multiple teams using with the help of this tool.

Sprout Special: It is another beneficial tool that can be used for publishing engaging content on your Instagram profile. It gives you an in-depth analysis of the performance of your latest Instagram post. You can also monitor comments and trendy Hashtag so that you can find new opportunities for engagement that can hike your business marketing strategy.

sensible tool for instagram

Boomerang: Instagram has introduced new camera features recently. You can add stories to your profile related to your business. The stories can be made interesting and eye-catchy by using these features. You can create small videos using boomerang and other video features. It also allows you to add Gif, stickers, emojis in them to make it more fun and impactful.


Unfold: This tool helps you in creating designing graphics on both videos and pictures. Posting attractive designs and graphics on your Instagram profile can attract your audience.

Have2havelt: This is the most important feature of Instagram profile that allows you to link your e-commerce website with your Instagram profile. You can share the link of your website directly with the potential buyers so that it becomes easier for them to purchase your product. It helps in increasing their business sale.

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