36 Free but Powerful Tips to Boost Instagram Followers Count

By January 28, 2019

If you are a beginner on Instagram at this time, then posting images may be fairly depressing. When you find your hard work, strategy and excitement come back by earning nothing; it’s quite easy to get discouraged. Even when you understand the benefits of social media marketing, you cannot find success that easily.

This article is made with an objective of helping Instagram marketers and business owners with some pro ideas to increase Instagram following and get them engaged with your content. You may notice that many of the points are basic and focused on increasing engagement. The principle of Instagram is that lasting engagement will ultimately convert the viewers to the follower and ultimately business.

As you try to implement the below strategies, always keep in mind that there is no effective substitute to posting regular, engaging, creative, and informative images which your audience can easily recognize as of yours and understand. You can be free to use the tips enumerated below liberally.

Quick tips to enhance Instagram followers

  1. Use the hashtags which are well known to your business niche.
  • To get like, you have to first like hundreds of images from those who are in your target audience. A social media research study shows that for every 100 likes you give, you receive about six more followers.
  • Run contests on Instagram. The easiest mode is to post a picture promoting the content and ask people to ‘like’ it for entry into the contest.
  • Use behind-the-scenes images, discount coupons, and sneak peaks, etc. to increase engagement.
  • Promote the Instagram account on different social media platforms. Tell people what they can get by following you.
  • Use the most popular hashtags to enhance the visibility of your images and get found on searchers.
  • Generously like and also comment on the photos of other people in your target group. This is the most natural approach to get new followers.
  • Search and follow other people who use the most popular hashtags and you will see many following you back.
  • Post the photos at regular intervals and at the right time of the day. Researches have shown that 2 am and 5 pm is the ideal time to make postings.
  1. Always remember the golden rule of quality over quantity. Always leave the best images only. There is no point in posting aimless images or random shots.
  1. Use filters effectively. As per Instagram Report of Track Maven’s Fortune 500, Mayfair filter is found to be the most efficient filter for the Instagram marketers.
  1. Complete your bio. Do include the most keywords, hashtags, and also a link to your site or landing page. This link can be changed from time to time based on your requirement.
  1. Be consistent in your postings and also to whom you are posting. Be consistent also in the ways you use this platform that the followers can count on your cohesiveness.
  1. Ask questions on your photos or add captions to them. This seemed to increase the rate of engagement.
  1. Seemingly fewer images get posted on Sundays, so try to do your posting on Sunday for more visibility.
  1. Try to use geotagging also to your images, which is largely advantageous for local business. This is a good way to grab the attention of the local users and grow Instagram followers as they see your images when posting their photos with geotagging.
  1. Remember to use effective calls to action on your photo caption. Get the followers engaged by requesting them to take further advantageous action.
  1. Use tools like Piqora to find out which sort of images are reaping the highest rate of engagement and post more of that sort.
  1. Follow suggested users. Go to the setting and click on the ‘gear’ icon on the right-hand side to see ‘Find and invite friends’ and choose ‘Suggested Users.’
  • Use post later option to schedule and publish the posts even when you are away. Posting consistently as your followers expect is the key to growing the follower base.
  • Engage really. Be intentional to like photos and leave well-thought comments. Find new people to like and follow as well as engage with them by responding properly to queries and comments.
  • Think of innovative ways to club multiple photos and prepare a collage for more effectiveness. Use tools like PicFrame to combine images or videos.
  • Follow the influencers and request them to mention or tag you in their posts. If you find any influential user used your product or service, request for a mention.
  • Researches have shown that they get 24% more likes for photos in blue than that of red or orange.
  • Do postings on Wednesdays. Mid-week postings are found to have slightly more engagement than other days.
  • Put the word ‘comment’ also in the captions. Researchers found that such images get more comments than those without.
  • Images with faces are found to get 38% more likes than those without faces.
  • Tag people in photos whenever possible, which will let your photos get displayed on their feeds too and reach to more.
  • Brighter photos with 60-85% light found to get more likes than those with less than 45% of light.
  • Make a branded hashtag. Come with the unique, but innovative hashtag and encourage your users to follow it and promote it through contents.
  • Try to share sneak peaks and behind-the-scenes photos. Noted that candid photos better convey the personality behind the brand. Share images of real people behind the brand.
  • Invite a celebrity guest to post on your feed. This is a hot strategy to increase the engagement through the roof.
  • Take initiative to share user-generated content. Try to re-share the follower’s images, especially those which they mention your products.
  • Promote Instagram account to email subscribers by putting it in the signature line. Also, try to share an image or promo in a newsletter by linking it to Instagram account.
  • Print your Instagram username too on the physical marketing materials as signs, product sheets, car decals, etc.
  • Follow all the Facebook friends of yours on Instagram too, and you can see them following you back. Just click on the ‘Find Friends’ option and then opt for ‘Find friends on Facebook’ to add them.

On trying to increase the follower count, always remember that it is simply useless to have a large number of followers if you fail to engage them and interact really. In the end, the goal is to convert the followers into customers. The above 36 tips may help you built the target audience, and further you have to work on ensuring lasting engagement with the followers to covert the leads into business overtime.

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