How To Create A Social Campaign That Guarantees Success

social campaign

Creating and executing a social campaign requires prior and proper planning, as well as putting together a sound strategy.

This helps you connect with new users while building on-platform relationships, and ultimately driving long-term goals.

The steps discussed here will help you create a social campaign that guarantees success. It will help you produce and launch your social campaign with a bang.

1. Carry out thorough research

Carry out thorough research

Research reveals what works for your competitors, and use the valuable insights to inform and improve on your social campaigns.

Look at the kind of topics covered, and the types of content created and shared, posts that get the most results, the timing and frequency of the posts, and the tone they use to communicate.

This helps you create a stronger social campaign strategy for your own business or brand, giving you an edge over the competition.

You can use competitor research tools that compile data for you, or do it manually.

2. Create a solid strategy

Create a solid strategy

Start with a clear goal (primary and secondary) for the campaign: do you want to drive more leads & revenue, build a community, or promote your site/blog?

Choose the kind of metrics you want to monitor like the number of clicks on your links, or number of users who contact you directly.

Finally, craft your content and messaging around your goal(s) such that your target audience is likely to find appealing.

3. Know the platforms and their specific rules


With a solid strategy in hand, look at the social platforms on which you want to run your social campaign.

Ensure you understand the specific rules for running promotions on each platform, to avoid violating the rules and eventually terminating your business from the timeline.

4. Select the right apps for your campaign

apps for your campaign

A variety of free and low-cost apps are available to help you run a professional social campaign, and kick it up a notch with coupons, contests, branded landing pages, and exclusive offers, besides the usual ‘like’, ‘retweet’, or ‘share’.

5. Use different formats to promote and deliver one message

Once finalized, promote and deliver your message in different formats from video marketing, to infographics, blog posts and others, to see what will work best with your audience.

This keeps your social campaign interesting and users engaged.

#LikeAGirl campaign by Always brand took different forms from YouTube videos, photos and other different formats to deliver a successful campaign aimed at empowering girls worldwide to feel confident during puberty.

6. Use high-quality, appealing imagery


Create gorgeous photography and imagery for your feed, while keeping brand consistency, particularly for users on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram who want inspiration to feel something.

Buzzfeed Tasty Buzzfeed Tasty is a great example of using high quality photography and videography.

7. Balance promotional and non-promotional content

Balance promotional and non-promotional content

Social media algorithms affect your following on each platform based on your content, as you may lose a section of your following who may become uninterested, or your content may not deliver the kind of results you desire.
Share some of your content, user-generated content, and from reputable external sources or industry leaders, and then repost the top-performing content.

General Electric posted user-generated content on its channels, revining posts of at-home science experiments. The aim was to generate interest in science, while encouraging engagement, and building their position as an innovation force.

8. Apply social SEO

Social networks also have their own search engines through which their users look for topics that interest them.

Prior to launching your social campaign, come up with a list of keywords you want to rank for on social platforms, and use them in your posts.
From time to time, check your seo analysis score. Tools these days also give you an insight on your social signals.

9. Supplement with ads and cross promotional tactics

and cross promotional

Your social campaign on its own cannot stand without using other tactics.
Supplement your posts with low-cost ads like Facebook or LinkedIn, or email campaigns and other tactics.

10. Create a landing page specific to your campaign

landing page

A landing page drives traffic to a specific place on the web, or your own website, and take specific actions like filling out forms.
Make it easy and simple for them and you’ll enjoy high conversion rates.

Taboola’s landing page keeps their audience focused on the offer – increase traffic – and engages them on the same page with useful content, and eliminating off-page navigation links.

11. Optimize your routine with scheduling software


A social media calendar will help you schedule posts to be published at specific dates and items.

Optimize your routine and campaign using scheduling software for a streamlined process.

This gives you time to focus on engaging users and creating good content.

12.Engage with your audience using social listening tools

social listening tools

Social listening tools let you see what your audience is saying about your business or brand, compared to what they’re saying to your business or brand.
They also help monitor the impact of the campaign, and allow you to check the specific concerns and questions people have, and give you valuable ideas for content creation.

13. Use unique hashtags for your campaign

trending hashtags

Hashtags drive engagement, while helping track engagement, user-generated content, and your campaign results.
A unique, branded hashtag used with the common ones used by your audience help maximize trackability and reach.

14. Livestream


This is a huge trend and a prime opportunity for your social campaign and brand.
Go live for topics related to your campaign, while hosting Q&A sessions and answering questions asked in the live comments.
Save your broadcast and share later as a regular video to your platforms.
Target partnered with Gwen Stefani and filmed the first music video sharing it simultaneously on Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Periscope.

15. Measure and analyze your performance

analyze your performance

Regular analysis of your campaign reveals valuable insights on what worked, and what didn’t.
It also helps you pick out your top content, and repurpose or reschedule it to run again to increase your results and keep the campaign’s momentum going.

16. Conduct a follow-up

conduct with followers

Once your campaign is over, follow up with all the new contacts using your social CRM, and to build a long-lasting relationship over time.

Use effective email marketing or have your marketing team reach out to each contact personally through social engagement.

Wrapping it up

Social campaigns vary based on the overall strategy, the duration, goals, results, and metrics.

These techniques will help you create, run, and optimize social campaigns that ultimately deliver guaranteed success.

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