Fintech Festival A Yearly Event For Startup Businesses

By January 6, 2020
Fintech Festival

This is one of the largest events in financial technology. The fintech festival is an event of three days of discussion, conference, or exhibition about fintech firms. It is a global platform where are many investors, entrepreneurs taking part in the competition of fintech solutions. This fintech festival helps other companies, business owners and consumers to manage their financial operations and other processes. They are able to utilize specialized software and algorithms, which mostly used in computers and smartphones. The word fintech actually combined with two words and became financial technology. The fintech festival offers financial services with high technology to all the businesses and customers. From mobile payment apps to other crypto-currency, the fintech company gives all the benefits to the people that come to this event.

What The Festival Actually Offers?

Generally, the fintech gives other companies to use the internet, mobile services, software technology, and other services to connect or perform with economic services. One the other hand the word is also used for business-to-business technologies. A lot of fintech products are designed to get customers in some easy ways. This fintech company with the help of many applications has changed the path of the customer’s access in financial condition. The fintech mainly provides technology, which applied in the back end system of banks and other financial institutions. It manages the funds, trades stocks, pays for the food and handles insurance with the help of this festival.

Some Of The Places Where This Festival Celebrated

This festival celebrated the world widely. In many countries, every year at a particular time, this festival held. Some of the best places in India and Singapore, Mumbai, Vizag cities where many people come to join this festival and experiences a lot of knowledge from the event. In the Indian fintech festival, you will get the chance to learn more about the theme of this event step by step.  

1. Mumbai Fintech Festival:

In the Mumbai fintech festival, the councilors called for a discussion for all the startup businesses.  In a platform where they get the chance to display the opportunities of every industry and help to solve the entire key challenges with the best for them.  To the next year, in the middle of the march, this festival held by the government of Maharashtra. All the powered people will be a part of this event. In this festival, the World Bank, NITI, AAYOG, and MEDICI will be a partner of this program. About five thousand delegates and fintech startups from the fifty countries will attend the event. Along with the students of software, there will be tech companies, industry bodies, corporate and other governments from other states joins the festival. The main motive of this event is to discuss and find out of the solutions of those questions and challenges. The startup businesspersons learn a lot more about management skills and will able to give their businesses a successful lead on the internet.

2. Singapore Fintech Festival:

Last year in Singapore, when the festival happened there almost forty thousand people from over one hundred countries join the event to discuss their business and plans and complication that they are facing to get success for the business. The main key focus of the event was identification, payments, data governance, applied search and platforms for innovation. As we, all know that everything now digitalized and people prefer online marketing. They always want the best kind services from all the companies with whom they teaming up. The fintech helps to support all the efforts of their partners need.

3. Hong Kong Fintech Festival:

Here in this city, the fintech festival also happens every year. It is a festival where many businesspersons come to join this event and discuss their problems. The event is going around 3 or 4 hours. Here in this event some of the large banks also present in the program. More than twelve thousand senior executives also come and above two hundred and fifty world’s best speakers taking or shaping the future of financial services. They want to bring the technology revolution with the help of this festival. Some of the fintech founders, investors, and academic persons also become a part of this event. The focus of this event is to encourage all those startup companies to grow their business towards success and develop their skill powers.


Therefore, the importance of this event is very essential for all the people who just start their business in this digital marketing field. It boosts their confidence level and helps to solve their all requirements within the festival.