These AdWords Tips Can Help Your Business Grow

By October 26, 2018

If you are an online marketer, I’m sure you are well aware of Google AdWords capabilities and how they can help your business grow.

If you know the trick how to use it effectively, it can simply improve your online brand presence and considerably boost your leads and profits.

But Google AdWords is a bit expensive. In many cases, you need to spend more than the allocated budget. But if you plan strategically, paid to advertise can give you 56% more revenue than other marketing techniques like social media and blogging.

But the question is, how can you ensure you are investing in the right areas when it comes to Google AdWords?

Here are a few easy Google AdWords tips that you can follow to increase your ROI and business growth.

Create Keyword-Specific Landing Pages

In this digital age, you need to sell your products and services to all around the globe. Your AdWords campaign should focus on a few keywords. No matter if they are a variety of products or services, any geographical area, the target group of audience, it is advised to create a separate landing page for every keyword.

I know, it sounds like a big hassle, but trust me it creates relevancy for each of your ads and helps you improve the conversion rate.

By creating a dedicated landing page for every specific keyword, your SEO company in Dubai will get more leads with improved click-through rate. In addition, you can save money on AdWords campaigns if you set your location options to omit those people who show their intent in your location, but they are not physically present anywhere near you.

Only Use Competitive Keywords

It is highly advised to only target competitive keywords, as Google doesn’t ban marketers to bid on a competitor’s keywords. However, there are some trademark rules in different countries. This strategy can help you drive clicks to your landing page.

Brands are advised to make sure to run ads on competitive keywords to avoid being the target of competitors’ keywords bidding yourself. Try to find new opportunities to gain more potential customers from new competitors.

Run Your AdWords Campaigns on Bing

It is highly recommended to advertise on Bing, if not, you are missing out on a huge opportunity of getting more potential leads. Marketers can now automatically sync their AdWords campaigns across to Bing by using an easy-to-use tool by Microsoft. The Google Import Tool allows you to control how you run ads on both platforms –  Google and Bing and will save you time.

You have the freedom to decide if you would like to import files now, later on a recurring basis.

The tool also allows you to schedule automatic imports at a frequency that suits you best.

Provide Social Proof

With the advent of artificial intelligence and contextual search, marketers can’t simply rely on keywords. You need to find some more interesting ways to persuade your potential clients to click on your ads and convert. And for this, you need to earn their trust.

Your prospects are not going to trust your brand message unless you provide them with social proof and give them guarantee that others have used your services or products and were satisfied in the past.

You can leverage social proof in your AdWords campaigns by encouraging your satisfied customers to place Google reviews. You can use Ad Extensions feature to include these reviews in your search ad. According to studies, around 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family.

So, ask your customers to leave a review for a business and use it in your search ad.

Closing Thoughts

Google AdWords can be a powerful tool for generating more leads and increasing your ROI. All you need to do is to create dedicated landing pages for every specific keyword and run your campaign on Bing as well to increase your chances of getting more potential clients. Plus, don’t forget to ask your customers for reviews and use them as social proof. When you use all these hacks effectively, you will see a dramatic increase in your conversion rate.