An Ultimate Guide to SEO Growth Hack Factors in 2019.

By February 4, 2019
Seo hacks 2019

Since Google’s rank brain came into existence SEO become a more tedious job. Apart from SEO factors, Google also consider these factors:

Local SEO is a powerful and necessary aspect of online marketing. Search patterns are changing and people are now searching using their mobile devices.

When people talk about local SEO, they are referring to promoting your business to local customers within a defined geographic area. Optimizing your website for “geographically related searches” and getting it ranked in the top 3 local search results is critical for your business, especially if you are a small business owner.

Fresh and Unique Content: As you might have heard “content is king”. Google and other search engines consider Content as the strongest factor. Having a quality content on website/blog help keywords in ranking high in SERP’s.

People love to read actionable and verified content so always try to come up with case studies to make sure every user gets a chance to read catchy and useful content.

Presence on Social Media: A few years back it was too easy to rank high in search engine results. Content and few Backlinks were enough to get huge organic traffic but Google’s algorithm has tremendously changes over the time.

Now, Google also relies upon AI and machine learning to know the reaction of the people who are interacting with your content on different social media platforms.

So, if people are linking your content on the social media platforms then it sends a good signal to search engines.

Every share, like or comments consider as a vote and it would boost up your website/blog traffic in 2019.

Moving on, Presence on social media also brings a lot of traffic.

Start considering Podcast: Over the few years podcast also considered as one of the social interaction platforms. In 2020 People would love to watch and listen than reading. Many leading digital marketers are considering the Podcast as the most effective way of communication with the audience.

Leading Digital Marketers including Gary Vaynerchuck and others usually prefer to interact with audience through podcast.

Podcast not just build a relationship with audience but also provide a strong backlink to your website/blog which increase your trust score.

Fast and Secure Web Hosting: Loading speed of a website or blog play an important role in making keywords start appearing in search engine results. AWS, Bluehost, Godaddy and Digital Oceans are well known for their mind blowing web hosting services. Don’t forget to use Godaddy Coupons while purchasing web hosting online.

Also try to Get SSL certificate as users feel free to open secure website than insecure.

Video promotion: Marketing trends keep on changing and now marketing with video are bringing more business and sales. A youtube video about your products and service can make your brand more trustworthy and popular.

Around 5/3 people love to watch video than reading which means video promotion is effective and more engaging.

Put kindness first: Google cares those websites which care their audience.
In simple words, if you are providing good stuff to the website users then Google and other search engines would naturally bring your website up.

Come up with genuine content which makes every user satisfied whoever visit your website or blog. In this people would remember you when they are looking for the same content next time.

People who think that kindness is weakness are the weakest people so don’t go with flow. Try to help others and you get everything in return.

Optimize your website for Bing and Yahoo: It’s 100% true that more than 70% of web traffic comes through Google but ignoring remaining 30% traffic is a huge loss.

As per the survey, traffic which came through Bing and Yahoo has more conversion rate than Google which means you can get more sales with less traffic.

Start optimizing your website for search engines if you have started yet. As per research people who uses Bing search engine are buyers and on another hand side Google users are informational oriented people.

High Authority Backlinks still Effective: After content, Backlink is considered to be the strongest SEO factor ever and every SEO company still keep it on top of the list.

Outreaching is the best way to grab backlinks from high authority websites. Create case studies and infographic and let ask people to mention it in their content.

Have experienced more such points then don’t hesitate to tell in the comments so that we can deliver the right and effective message.

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