Is link building necessary to promote your brand online?

By July 4, 2019

Getting listed in the first or the second page of Google is the dream of most business owners. Due to the heavy competition that prevails in all the niches it is not easy to get top listings as one desires. Without getting listed in top ten or twenty positions in Google it is not possible to attract adequate traffic to your website. You need to understand that Google sends almost 80% of online traffic to websites. Without good visibility in Google it may not be possible for you to be successful.

Google uses over 200+ parameters to rank the websites for specific keyword searches. One of the most important factors in this ranking process is back links. Google considers having good link popularity as an important sign of a credible website. If many websites are linking to your website then you should be having something of importance or else they would not be interested in connecting to your website and sending their website traffic to your website. Google encourages such partnerships between websites so that the internet user gets the best browsing experience. This is where link building becomes a very important part of your online promotional efforts. Even if other websites are already linking to you based on your merit and what you have to offer, it would certainly boost your online popularity and brand value if you could get good quality links pointing to your website. Whether you like it or not it is important that you get started with link building process.

Unlike before you cannot get some random links pointing to your website. Google does not look at all the links equally. In fact if the back links are from unrelated sources then your website’s ranking could be affected as Google sees such links as an effort of manipulative measures to improve one’s ranking. Only when you get good quality contextual links it will help your brand and your website. Before you køb link building packages make sure that you would get such links.

Do not think that buying back links as an unnecessary expense. All the top rated websites and brands invest heavily to get contextual backlinks for their website. If you are not going to work consistently on improving your link popularity your competitors would gain advantage in the search results page and they will get better ranking. Never underestimate the importance of link building. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing but there are certain factors that continue to remain in Google’s algorithm and back link is one such factor. If Google were not to consider back links as an important ranking factor they would have removed it from their ranking algorithm. The very fact that back links gain increasing significance in Google ranking makes this factor a crucial ranking element. You need to invest considerable amount of time on building good quality back links. Find the best online link building company to build good quality links for your website.

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