How to write a perfect SEO friendly Article

By August 11, 2020


In this Glove, nowadays people search for everything on Google, Yahoo, and other social media. There are many competitors, who want to take them article number one place in search engines. First of all, if we post a perfect article there is a huge chance to come to the first page on Google, Yahoo, and other search places.

Before we start to write an article, we need to know enough knowledge about it. I mean, we have to learn or get enough information about the things that we have written. So, we have to take care of our audience what they prefer to read. If the readers like our article they should stay a long time on our post. It could help to get more impressions on our site.

There are many things we have to care about while writing a perfect article. I have mentioned some of the topics which can help you to write a good article.

  • Title of the Article
  • Words of the Article
  • Transition words
  • Passive voice
  • SEO Keywords
  • Subtitle (Subheading)
  • Grammar
  • Paragraph
  • The Sentence

Title of the Article

In the first place, to write a perfect article you just need to decide the title of your article. You need to choose the best topic which is sweet for your paragraph. Put a perfect keyboard on the title as you’re going to write an article. If we use a good search keyboard on the title, there is a much chance to get an impression on our post. It can help to come to our post 1st page on Google.

Words of the Article

Before we start to write an article, we need to decide how many words we are going to write. Normally, we like to suggest you write a minimum of 700 words article. The 700 words article looks like a perfect article. Because for the audience it didn’t take a long time to read the article and easy to understand for them. Words of the article can help to come to your post 1st page of Google page?

Transition Words

To build a perfect article, we should have to use enough transition words. We have to use 30 % of transition words in our total sentences. The transition words are like, After that, First of all, Because of, However, Moreover, Firstly, Finally, Although, So, Even, In conclusion, Most, Therefore, That is to say, In addition, Above all, Similarly, During, etc.

The Passive Voice

While writing an article, we have to use enough passive voice as well. Normally we need to use only 10 % of passive voice in our total sentences.

SEO Focus Keywords

Before we write an article we have to clarify which keyboards we are focusing on. We should have to use more than 2/3 times of focus keyboards in our article. The focus keyboard needs to be a maximum of 4 words. We need to choose a good searchable focus keyboard.

Subtitle (Subheading)

The subtitle is necessary for our article. In every 300 words, we have to use the minimum one subheading. It would help easy to understand the article to our readers. And they will stay for a long time on your post.


Grammar is the most important part of our article. When we start to write sentences, we need to care about grammar. So, We don’t have to make grammatical mistakes. If you make a perfect sentence for our article, people will understand easily. They will continue to read your article.


In our article, there are many paragraphs. Normally, one paragraph needs to make less than 150 words. However, As Google readability rules, 150 words of one paragraph is perfect. It can help to find our article’s earliest place in a Google rank also.

The Sentence

Inside our article, we must have to make every sentence less than 20 words. It is easy to understand for the audience what sentence is going to say. As Google readability rules more than 75 % of the total sentences should be less than 20 words.


Finally, I like to suggest that if you follow above all rules you differently write a perfect article. Moreover, your article can come 1st-page on Google. The article became an SEO friendly article. Nowadays Covid-19 Cases are increasing in the world. Thus, If you write about the Covid-19 topic article, which can help to get many impressions from the different countries to your Post. I hope Above all, Topics can help you to make a perfect article.

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