How SEO and Web Design Go Hand in Hand

By October 19, 2020

SEO and web design are essential components of any website. Without one or the other, your website would fall flat and would not be in a position to compete with other competitors in your niche.

Most young and inexperienced organizations consider SEO and web design to be two completely separate areas. This doesn’t work these days. With more focus being put on inbound, you need everyone on your team to be on the same page.

Some senior people might still have a hard time understanding how the two can work together, but hopefully, some things can be cleared up after reading this article.

Here is how SEO and web design go hand in hand:

  1. Great content.

Content is king. We’ve all heard that content is king more times than we would care to admit, but it’s still true.

Without unique content, your website is going to be bare bones. No fancy design can help you overcome this shortcoming.

Content helps keep your audience engaged longer. Think about it. Once people have seen your site’s logo and other visuals, they will want to read what your website is about and what it has to offer.

A lot of on-page SEO relies on the content present on your site. You want to insert relevant keywords throughout your site adequately. This not only helps search engines figure out what your website is about, but it also does the same for your audience.

Once you have created content for your site, you will need to place and arrange it in a way that looks and feels refreshing. This is where web design comes in. 

With content, SEO plays a fundamental role in its development. Put the final way its placed and positioned comes down to the web designer and how they think the content would work best.

  • Engaging visual content.

Visual content has been increasing in popularity quite a bit recently.

You will notice that a lot of reputable websites are using high-quality images and videos for their sites. Including visual content

As humans, we’re attracted to visuals. Our brains focus on visuals and try to understand the meaning behind things. 

Dwell time is something that pro SEO practitioners have started paying attention to in recent years. If your site has adequately placed visual content, your audience will be more likely to spend time on that particular web page.

Find the right images and videos. Then place them in a way that not only engages your online audience but also increases your chances of getting a conversion. This something that both the web designer and SEO expert need to do in tandem.

  • Compelling user experience.

Providing a superior user experience is essential these days. You can no longer expect people to stick around if they feel that your site is not working as it should. Try engaging your website visitors through live chat app on website so that you can increase your conversion rate by understanding and helping people better with real time chat.

A lot of the user experience design work falls onto the shoulders of the web designers. They have the intuition and the knowledge to create websites that engage an online audience and make the experience memorable.

People who work in SEO also need to step up and focus on providing a top-notch user experience to their audience. Better user experience comes from content that is valuable to your target audience. This is a balancing act that SEO experts need to do if they want to provide value for both their clients as well as the site’s audience.

  • Lightning site speed.

Nobody likes a slow website. It leaves a negative impression on your website visitors and is one of the primary reasons for a high bounce rate (when people leave your site after viewing a single webpage).

Google and other search engines can also penalize slow websites by putting them towards the SERP’s bottom. No one really wants to see something like that for a site that they’ve worked so hard on.

Site speed depends on a lot of things. From the length and size of the content present on your site to the themes and design used, as well as your hosting provider, several things might need a touch-up if you feel that your website isn’t as fast or slower than it should be.

In this case, the SEO expert and the web designer need to sit down and identify areas that cause the site to slow down. Maybe you need to optimize and compress content on your site, or there might be some issue with a theme on your site if you’re using WordPress.

  • Mobile responsiveness.

Your site should be mobile responsive and look natural on various devices—end of discussion.

Websites these days have to be mobile responsive. As more and more people are using their mobile phones to access the internet, you don’t want your website to be an inconvenience.

If your site is nonmobile responsive, you might get into trouble with Google and other search engines. Nonmobile websites are penalized by being thrown to the last pages of Google. 

Once you’re on the last page, you cannot expect people to visit your site organically. Most people give up their searches if they can’t find what they are looking for on the first page.

With these sorts of repercussions, your SEO expert needs to sit down with the web designer and discuss how to go mobile, and if you’re already there, how to improve the user experience. 


SEO is what brings people to your website, and web design is what keeps them there. By focusing on just one of SEO or web design, your website will not be able to reach its maximum potential.

When you pay equal importance to web design and SEO, you will see that the net outcome will be a site that not only looks great and provides a superior user experience, but it also helps you attain your business goals. What more can you want from a website?

It might take a while for senior people to adjust to the new way of working together, but the result will be well worth all the effort.

HamzahAdil is a digital marketing executive currently working for a startup that has developed a live chat app called SwiftChat. He is marketer and also loves exploring different web to understand better how web works and what can I do for free to help other. There are numerous tools available on web which can help new entrepreneurs for free.


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