Guest Blogging: Is it a Blessing Post Panda and Penguin

By October 20, 2018
guest blogging

Welcome to Google zoo where you will find two animals very common: Penguin and Panda. These have almost created ripples of wave in online industry and brought all webmasters in a state of shock. In literal sense, these two Google algorithms have pushed down the ranking of lots of websites with the mission to clean web spam. Most websites have almost disappeared experiencing a major blow to their organic traffic and interrupting their business.

guest blogging

Know what are Google Panda and Penguin Updates?

Google is on a cleaning mission; that’s why it has created Penguin and Panda. Its main purpose is to remove unwanted content, but it is important to draw some guidelines regarding this. Google Panda is the most popular one, because it’s been a year since it stepped into the online world. It penalizes the low-quality website and gives them low SERP ranking. On the other hand, Google Penguin does not like black hat SEO and spamming.

Any incoming link for a website increases its credibility, but there are webmasters that try to control the search results by artificially diverting traffic to their website. Post Panda updates, many webmasters thought that SEO is dead and is not relevant. But this is not true, because Google became strict and listed a set of guidelines that websites should follow in order to get high SERP rankings.

Scenario Before the Updates

Before 2011, domain value and SEO were vital factors, but not the only deciding factors for website ranking. Post Panda updates things have changed dramatically. Even one poor quality post can hamper your website ranking. For example, if you writing a guest post which lacks information with improper keywords, it’s of no use. Web owners need to develop a proper content strategy and distribute the keywords evenly.

Why Guest Blogging has Become Important?

There was a time when guest blogging was not given that weightage; and people just wanted to do link building. In this way, webmaster started creating a link farm, which mostly comprised of irrelevant websites.  When Google brought a change in its algorithm, most websites were penalized and this affected the rankings. It started giving importance to those websites which had relevant and meaningful content. In this way, guest posts became a means to gain high SERP rankings for webmasters.

Today, guest post plays an important role in SEO and has emerged as a wonderful tool; but, if you think it is wastage of resources, you must be newbie to the online world. You must be thinking why you should post content on some other website?

First, you should know what is guest blogging? If you write non-paid article and post it on some blog or website, it is known as guest blogging. Generally, this is done is to get contextual links. You can get quality back links, once you plan out SEO strategy. It will increase your reputation and give you online visibility in the blogging world.

What Impact it can Create?

If you have a blog, you can inform your readers to post stuff on it. You can accept articles, if they are original, genuine and distinct. It is complete foolishness to think that the entire world will discover you on its own. You need to drive traffic to your website and, in this way, your blog can become popular in the online world. There is no doubt that it is one of the best ways to build quality links. It does not matter whether you have small or large business, guest blog writing does take your website to next level. It also helps to build your search engine authority and domain. Even without investing time in any special SEO tactics or going for link building, your website can get good ranking on major search engines.

Any guest posting that you do should be able to create an impact in the minds of the readers. They should be able to remember it for years and through this you build your portfolio and credibility of your writing. You can tell people that you are authentic and can be trusted upon. It is also a chance to increase brand awareness and exposure. You can interact with other bloggers and find out what others think about your writing.