Get your Copy to Rank Higher on Search Results

By May 15, 2019

Copywriting means, writing for promoting or advertising a brand. Therefore, writing copy is aimed at generating sales. In other words, copywriting is mostly a marketing strategy, and this is what makes it different from content writing.

Meaning, while content writing is aimed at creating awareness for a brand, copywriting focuses on selling. Therefore, copywriting has a psychological approach. That is, copywriting bases itself on influencing prospects to buy specific products, or sign up for a newsletter, etc.

Nevertheless, copywriting has its heart set on keeping a brand, or a product in the eyes of the public. For a copy to be valid, it has to rank high when an individual makes a search. Thus, one of the foremost copywriting tips is to write SEO friendly content.

How does one produce an SEO friendly copy?

First, one must understand what SEO stands for. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a process that aims at increasing a site’s visibility during searches. To write a copy that is SEO friendly, writers must focus on two crucial things:

  • Content quality.
  • Reader-friendly presentation of the content.

There are few other copywriting tips that people might refer to while writing their copies.

  1. Using the right keywords

Keywords are searched queries. Meaning, keywords are the basis of content on the internet. Thus, proper copywriting means correct and optimum use of keywords.

Copywriters can start with keyword research to target the apt keywords while writing. Proper keyword usage can give copies better search-engine ranking and hence higher online visibility.

What other points must copywriters keep in mind while using keywords?

Writers can follow some keyword-oriented copywriting tips:

  • Using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords:

LSI keywords are synonyms or words that help search engines understand a search query better. In a way, such keywords streamline a search. For example, one might mean to search for content writing companies. So, while ‘content writing’ might be the main keyword, ‘content writing agency’ is a more appropriate search query.

These are keywords that occur in association with the main keyword. Consequently, proper usage of these keywords gets copies ranked during a search.

  • Avoiding stuffing of keywords

Just because using keywords helps a copy get a rank, doesn’t mean that it solely affects content visibility. Indiscriminate usage of keywords turns out a huge negative. Google penalises websites that stuff keywords.

Furthermore, readability of content also goes down, since, readers don’t understand the inappropriately written content.

2. Including effective Call-To-Action

Interactive, engaging copies have higher conversion rates for generating sales. People love to read what entices them. Hence, including calls-to-action (CTA) becomes vital for a copy to become interactive. CTAs tell readers what to do, or, it urges them to take action.

Copywriting without including CTAs is an incomplete exercise. After all, marketing strategies must aim at expanding a customer base by persuading them to take action. And CTAs can finally determine if prospects shall convert to customers.

3. Proper proofreading

Properly curated copies must always be proofread. This is a crucial step that increases readability of a copy. Any copy that has even one spelling or grammatical error is a huge turnoff for readers.

Successful SEO content writing strategies have a long way to go. In cases, where brands might be unsure, they might as well opt for a copywriting agency to write their copies.

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