Best Ways How to Fix RSS Feed Errors in WordPress

By August 1, 2019 ,
How to Fix RSS Feed Errors in WordPress

If you have a WordPress website, you might have encountered the RSS Feed error. RSS feed errors are of multiple types and they can occur because of various reasons. The error appears when you change the theme and plugins or enter a wrong code. It can be frustrating to deal with this error. But a good thing is that it is simple to fix.

What is RSS Feed?

RSS feed i.e. Really Simple Syndication is a list of posts a user creates in WordPress. It is used by website owners to engage with their audience. Social media websites, reader apps, and bloggers use it for sharing their material. RSS feed used to be a lot popular in 2005. It is still used by a number of WordPress website owners. It is an easy way of sharing content with your audience. It is basically a great marketing device. The main purpose of this tool is to make your content easy to index. It helps you promote your business.

The main advantage of RSS feed is that the new content comes to you in a centralized location. A user can subscribe to the RSS feed on the website. This program will notify the user whenever new content is published or uploaded. RSS reader also allows a user to scan through the headline and read the snippets instead of reading the entire article.

Common Causes of RSS feed

RSS feed errors occur because of various reasons. Here are some of the common causes:

  • The most common RSS feed error on WordPress is caused by poor formatting. The RSS feed is created in a markup language called XML. If there is a missing line, a break or an extra tab, it will break your feed.
  • When there is an error in copying and pasting the content of the functions.php file. Those users often do this who don’t have knowledge of programming. Chances are you deleted a snippet of the code because of which the error has appeared.
  • A bad plugin can also create an RSS feed error. If the coding of the plugin is not good, it will break your website let alone the RSS feed. If the error occurred because of the plugin, simply uninstall it and the error will go away.
  • Another cause of RSS error is a bad theme. The layout in such themes has not been configured properly. If you switch back to the default theme on WordPress, this shall eliminate the problem. You would then know that your theme needs modification.

Ways to Fix the RSS Feed Errors

There are various ways of fixing the RSS feed error. You can either fix it manually or by using a plugin. You don’t have to a techie to fix it though just as in the case of fixing a technical error at Frontier Internet. You don’t also need the help of a developer for this purpose. Here are two ways through which you can successfully fix the RSS feed error:

  • Fixing the error manually: If the error was by poor formatting, then you can fix it manually. You will have to edit the functions file for this purpose. Check the closing PHP tag at the end of the file. Make sure there are no line breaks or any extra space after it. At the end of the file, there is no need to add a closing PHP tag. Hence, it is better that you remove the closing tag altogether. This shall fix the error.

If this does not fix the error, then it means the problem is not in the format. Something else needs to be resolved. In that case, move to the next method:

  • Fixing the error using a plugin: For this, you are going to need the fix my feed RSS Repair plugin. Install it and activate it. Then go to tools >> RSS Feed Fix Page. You will see a fix fed button. Click on it. This will fix the error.

The next time you see an RSS feed error on your WordPress website, you know what to do. These solutions will allow you to fix it in no time.

In case you have tried the above methods to fix the RSS Feed errors and the problem still persists, that means something else is wrong. In that, you might have to reach out to someone in the WordPress community just like you would reach out to customer support whenever you need technical help. This shall solve your problem.