A Beginners Guide to Content Writing

By July 25, 2019
A Beginners Guide to Content Writing
A Beginners Guide to Content Writing

Excellent and rich content is the backbone of a website. The content you put up says volumes about who you are as a brand. Original and high-quality content is the best way to optimize your website says a digital marketing company in Pune.

Creating great content comes easy if you are a professional writer. They have been trained over many years on the different techniques and styles of writing.

They know how to capture a reader’s imagination and keep them hooked. They are fluent in the language that they write, and their linguistic abilities are above average.

What if you are not a writer? What if you are a business owner who knows the importance of content marketing or business blogging and wants to write?

What if you have a hobby that could now turn into a great blog? Well, then you need some content writing tips and tricks to assist you in this grand venture of yours.

Don’t worry we have got you covered. A digital marketing agency shared some simple tips with us that will help you along your writing journey.

●    Research, Research, And Some More Research

The first step in the writing process comes much before the actual writing. At the outset, research what your target audience wants to read – do they want more information or more things they could do with your products?

Do they want to know the latest trends in your industry? Do they need help on some topics that you could easily cover in a blog? Or do you want to add to their knowledge in some way?

Once you have chosen the topic, we can then move forward with the next research. Depending on the topic you have chosen and your level of expertise, you may need to do little or a lot of subject-based studies.

Digital marketing explains that web readers prefer in-depth content narrated in one single write up.

Last but not least, do keyword research. You could use the Google keyword planner, or Uber suggest to get an idea of what keywords go hand in hand with your topic.

Keywords are essential from the perspective of SEO. You could also study what LSI keywords are most familiar to your primary subject. Using both keywords and LSI keywords together increases the chances of your content shooting up in the SERPs.

●    Think Of A Fabulous Headline

The headline of an article is the first brush a reader has with your content. If the headline is not attractive and eye-catching, then you have already lost your audience.

The web audience has zero patience when it comes to reading the content. They want to learn something that intrigues them or is necessary for them. Hence, SEO service in Pune, notes that you must think of a fabulous headline for your content.

Many people try to write sensational headlines that may or may not be related to the rest of the content. They merely want their audience to click on the link.

This is called “clickbait.” Clickbait is an absolute no if you want long term audience for your blogs. It may work once or twice, but slowly it will lead to a feeling of distrust in the mind of the reader about your site. This is an essential content writing tip for beginners.

●    Structure Of The Write Up

People who are reading on the internet have a shorter attention span as compared to readers of newspapers or books. They want to read the articles and examine them quickly. It is essential for you to remember this mindset when writing for the web.

Break up your blog into many short paragraphs. Each paragraph should have approximately 4-5 sentences. Keep the sentences short and crisp. Another content writing tip for websites is that make sure your writing is grammatically correct. You can use sites like Grammarly for a final check.

A digital marketing agency gave some content writing tips and techniques that included, using bullet points. Since the reader is scanning through the article, bullet points make it easier for them to grasp important information. Use bullet points, headers and sub-headers in your write up.

●    Use Images And Videos

Images and videos are the best ways to keep an audience engaged on your website. Some of the best content writing examples have loads of infographics and videos in them.

Human beings tend to absorb more knowledge if it is presented to them visually. So, in the words of digital marketing, use lots of images but make sure those images are relevant!

●    Editing

When you write something, your first instinct is to publish it as it is! But don’t do that. Once you finish writing, let it sit on your computer for a few hours at least. Then go back to the article and reread and edit it.

The second version will turn out to be much better than the first draft. A content writing tip for beginners is to get a fresh set of eyes to look at your content; this will make editing easier. The outcome of a great edit is better quality content.

Writing in any form and for any medium is not an easy task for a beginner. But if you keep writing regularly and master these tips, you will produce great content for your business in no time!

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