6 Advanced SEO Tools for a Successful Digital Start-Ups

By October 9, 2018
Successful Digital Start-Ups

Are you planning to use a range of fermium, free, and paid tools to review and boost your SEO effectiveness? Before you do that, you need to make yourself well acquainted with the most effective SEO tools in the industry. If you are planning to have your own little digital start-up, you are reading the right thing. All you need is an efficient ISP such as Frontier Internet service, and you can get your hands on all the incredible SEO tools. Having the right tools means, new opportunities, time-saving, keeping track of your SEO activities and of course, boosting your effectiveness.

The Effective SEO Tools

Harnessing the essential insight from these incredible tools in mandatory for SEO specialists. So, if you are aspiring to be one, know the following tools to take the full benefit. We’ll discuss them in each of the following sections:

  1. Keyword Tools
  2. Content Tools
  3. Rankings Tools
  4. Technical SEO Tools
  5. Tools for Link Building
  6. Tools for Link Removal

Let’s know them all.

Keyword Tools

Without keywords, SEO doesn’t exist. Keywords are the base of any SEO mechanism. Keywords act like guides and when people search them in the search engines, they naturally land to your site. Utilizing the keywords effectively determines the popularity of your website. Since the new updates in the Google algorithm, keyword research and analysis has become an exceptionally difficult task. Also, the AdWords Keyword Planner hides data now.

There is no doubt that AdWords is the best method to find hidden opportunities. It also is a great forum to increase the flow of traffic to your site and to show off your unique and shiny content. The keyword tools are incredible but they all they do is provide data. Interpreting that data and utilizing it in the right way is important. And it will make the difference. Here are our suggestions for some great keyword tools:

  • Ubersuggest (free)
  • Term Explorer (freemium)
  • SEMrush (paid)
  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer (paid)

Content Tools

Every SEO ranking factor essentially revolves around some sort of content. Good content has a very good impact on your site. We can relate to the fact that coming up with unique and fresh ideas for content is hard. Because it’s a recurrent process, one runs short of ideas. But, at the same time, it is incredibly important because the site has to be kept engaging and relevant to the audience. If we had to sum up the qualities of good content, they would be relevant, engaging, and optimized. Following are some helpful tools in this regard:

  • Outdated Content Finder (free)
  • Yoast WordPress Plugin (freemium)
  • Buzzsumo (paid)

Rankings Tools

The ranking of your site is also very important. You need to track its ranking on a recurrent basis. You also need to track the marketing strategies and their result. This will help you figure out which strategy works the best. Then you can focus on the similar efforts to boost your ranking. This will maximize your ROI and traffic. What else do you need!

With the following tools, you can monitor all of it without monotonous wading for extensive hours.

  • Google Search Console (free)
  • SEMrush (freemium)
  • Authority Labs (paid)

Technical SEO Tools

When it comes to the optimization nirvana, there are certain very important things. Digging around the back-end of the site and getting to know how it really functions is one instance. You also get to know about the issues involved. Following are some of the helpful, technical tools, which will really help you through this.

  • WooRank Plugin (free)
  • Screaming Frog (freemium)
  • DeepCrawl (paid)

Tools for Link Building

Well, Google says that link building is not a recommended practice but interestingly, links remain to be the biggest ranking factors. In the past, the methods used for link building have been manipulative. But as a matter of fact, the likes of content writing on other sites is essentially beneficial to everyone involved. But this comes with a condition that the content is unique and strong.

If you’re interested to delve into knowing these tools better, here are our recommendations:

  • LinkMiner Plugin (free)
  • Moz SEO Toolbar (freemium)
  • Majestic Backlink Analyzer Extensions (freemium)
  • Ahrefs Site Explorer (paid)
  • Buzzstream (paid)

Tools for Link Removal

Let’s hope that you don’t have to go through the process called Link Removal. But unfortunately, it becomes a necessity when the sites, which you have links on or from being penalized by with the Google’s algorithm. This process can be very time-consuming but eventually, it can reinvigorate your website. Here are some recommendations of the relevant tools:

  • Disavow Tool (free)
  • CognitiveSEO (paid)

Remember that SEO is always changing. The rules, the tools, and the mechanism are always going through the evolution. Mainly because the algorithms are ever-changing and SEO strategies are based on them. It’s just like the changing Frontier bundle prices! Or any ISP for that matter.

Good luck with your Digital start-up!

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