5 Tips to Write Strong Product Descriptions on your Website that Sell

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E-commerce and online stores are growing with every passing day. In 2018, it witnessed a growth of 23.3 percent. The move towards online platforms has disrupted the retail landscape.

While previously people had the chance to see the product they were buying, now they have to do with photos and product descriptions. This is why it is essential to write strong product descriptions on your website.

Did you know that over 87 percent of shoppers believe that product descriptions play an integral role in their decision to purchase an item? And over 50 percent of people return items that they are buying online only because they didn’t match with the product description.

So, merely developing a quality product is not enough. You must also market it well through strong product descriptions.

Here are five tips that might help you in writing engaging product descriptions on your website.

  • Have a clear idea about who your target audience is
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Quality product descriptions are those that are targeted towards specific people. You must identify the target audience for your product, and then write descriptions by keeping them in mind.

Remember, every product has a wide variety of features. However, your product copy can only be of a certain length. Therefore, you must decide which features to highlight and focus on.

By identifying your target audience, you candetermine which characteristics of the product would be of most interest to your buyers. After creating a buyer persona, you would be able to develop a product copy that satisfies customers’ needs and demands.

For instance, let’s say you have an online leather jacket store. Before writing your product description for various items, you must think about many things.

Who are your customers? How did they arrive at the given page? What are their characteristics and interests? What features would benefit him/her? What details would the said person look for when describing a jacket? Answering these questions will automatically allow you to formulate a copy that is understandable, useful and engaging to your target audience.

  • Think of the best format

There are various ways you can go about writing your product description. You must think of the best way to do so. You can choose to have a short text in the form of a paragraph. You can also list down the essential points in bullet form. This can be done to attract those who merely scan the text available rather than read it all. Bullet points are generally used when relaying information about specifications and features.

However, relying too much on bullet points is not the right approach. Why? Well, bullet points are not personal enough. They don’t engage customers. You want your product description to be such that your customers are able to envision the product. You need to tell a persuading story that compels your target audience to buy the item.

This is why having a short but engaging paragraph works wonders. Since you don’t have to write much, this task is quite challenging. You must be creative and persuasive enough to attract customers within three sentences. Therefore, think hard before writing any product description.

  • Highlight benefits, not features

Your product description needs to be customer-centric. It’s not about what features your product has. It should be about how those features can benefit your customers. You will find various product descriptions whereby all the characteristics of the given items are mentioned. These copies are not engaging or useful at all. This is because as a customer you are left unsure what the product can do for you.

This doesn’t mean you don’t mention your distinctive features at all. It just means you highlight the benefits associated with those features so that they have a purpose in the eyes of your customers.

This would ensure that your audience makes their implications about the product. It also allows you to relate to your shoppers. This, in turn, helps in establishing you as a brand that they can connect with and trust.

  • Make sure your brand’s voice is reflected

You might think of product description to be only relevant for the item you are writing it for. This is not true. You must remember that your business is much more than a bunch of products.

It is a brand. And you need to treat it like one. Why? Because while the quality of your products might be your distinguishing factor today, your brand will give you distinctive relevance in the future too.

How does it link with product descriptions? Well, every piece of writing has a tone of voice. You must make sure that the tone of your product descriptions is aligned with your brand tone. In branding, consistency is everything. This is why a brand like Versace will have a completely different tone in its product descriptions than a retail store like Walmart.

  • Don’t forget to optimize

Since you are an online business, your visitors will be using search engines to find your website or product. They won’t be able to find you if you have a low SERP. Therefore, you must make sure that the content you write is optimized.

This doesn’t mean that you focus solely on SEO. It just means that while you create product descriptions that are engaging and persuasive, you simultaneously optimize it as well. You can do so by avoiding the use of industry jargon. You should include highly searched keywords in the headline and subheadings. Also, write original content and use quality images.

None of these methods should hinder your creativity. You can tell a story in three sentences. Talk about the benefits of a product, target it for your audience and optimize it, all in the same go.


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Don’t underestimate the power of a strong product description. It can drive sales. Take your time when writing them. This way you can ensure that each product description on your website is engaging, persuasive and relevant.


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