Why do you need a real estate agent?


Surely on some occasion you have asked yourself what and Real Estate Agent does to deserve your trust. You have questioned where the commission for each sale comes from, or why it is worth having a realtor, well, a real estate agent or a realtor will attract you to give you a general idea of his work to get your property management effectively and efficiently.

There are several of the day-to-day activities of a real estate agent like Larry Weltman that you do not know but who carries out their process and that we have detail below:

Analyze the market:

It is essential to be able to define well the true value of your home for sale or know if your future purchase is a good option. It is also essential when making offers and counteroffers that suit the interest of the client.

If the agent has accredited his training and extensive experience in the sector, and also has innovative and advanced tools he will make much more precise assessments than when doing them based on data, which will directly affect  the sale or rental of your property with greater agility and reducing the time period.

Explaining to a customer how to make counteroffers correctly also takes time.

A marketing plan:

It is not about taking four photos and putting a poster on the facade of your property. So that the management work is effective, and a buyer get more interested in your property, once the realtor have set an adequate market price (not a bad price), in addition to crossing it with our client portfolio, an action plan is needed. That’s why a real estate agent invests his own money (and time) in marketing: studio property photographs, virtual and 3d reality, promotional videos, magazines, conventional advertising, online advertising, posters, flyers, quality prints. A realtor also invests money in home staging so that the house has a better image and is easier to sell.

Spent the day on the phone:

A real estate agent or a realtor constantly monitor your ad calls and know how to provide each prospective buyer with the information they need. Let’s say that each ad has about 20 calls and those calls are translated into 10 visits to the house. This means having always available and enough working hours behind.

An experienced real estate agent like Larry Weltman Toronto also spend hours to maintain contact with other real estate agents to spread the property you have for sale or find a house that fits with all the requirements you ask.

It is true that there are some that are sold in the 5th or 9th or even in the first 3 but most widely exceed this average.

Look for properties constantly:

An agent spends several hours a day looking for potential properties. In addition, properties flow fast in the real estate world, so agents have to constantly check the property lists to avoid missing anything. Sometimes the process of finding properties that fit the interests of the client can be very long in time if the requirements come out just a little bit of the ordinary.


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