Why is Wikipedia One of the Best Content Marketing Platform?

By August 20, 2019

Wikipedia was created in 2001. It was aimed that this website will bring the information of the world to the world and that too with some in-house writers on board. This idea soon became unworthy and it was not because of the structure but it was because of all the information that was to be covered. It was soon realized that covering so much information while working in-house is not an idea that could be implicated and this was the reason that the platform was left open. The contributions from people were accepted and this soon became one of the biggest online encyclopedia in the world. But this is not where the story of Wikipedia ends. Wikipedia became so much more than just an online encyclopedia and currently, it is regarded as one of best content marketing platform. A drastic change is, Isn’t it? Well, but with features that are offered by Wikipedia, it could be expected. Call it reasons or the offerings that Wikipedia does they have made this possible and here are a few of those offerings.

  1. Increased Reach

This fact might only surprise people who are completely unaware of this platform but those who know would have the knowledge that Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites in the world. To be exact it is the fifth most visited website in the world currently with around 40 million visitors on a regular basis. This was the first thing that content marketers saw as a potential opportunity and this is where it all started. This increased reach was seen as an opportunity to make contemplations on bringing brand awareness to be created all around the world through this platform only.

  • SEO Back Linking

Conversions are the end targets of any marketing campaign or any marketing strategies and Wikipedia offers the perfect opportunity to get the same done. This is where content marketers became more interested. Wikipedia makes people link their posted content with a couple of backlinks which could then be used for making the conversions to be increased. Their homepage could be used in the backlinks to make people know about the business or come there.

  • Track Statistics About Page

Well, one of the things that content marketers want to contemplate upon in any of their marketing platforms is to be able to track the record of their page activities and Wikipedia has offered the same as well. Wikipedia lets you see the number of people that have come to your page and even the regions that they have come from. Moreover, other such stats could also be seen on the page which makes the content marketers able to progress upon the further marketing strategies and this counts in making things effective for the future.

  • Cost-Effective

Well, some of the content marketing platforms do charge an amount for posting the content however this is not the case with Wikipedia. Wikipedia has allowed anyone to create a page on the platform and that too for free. At times professional services are required for Wikipedia like you might want to get to some Wikipedia editors for hire or a Wikipedia expert for making the page effective however it is even less costly than many of the other content marketing platforms which are surely an attraction for the content marketers.

These are the four things that have been listed as the benefits of getting to Wikipedia for the content marketing purposes and these are the reasons that have been explicitly looked at when a marketer includes Wikipedia in its strategy. But this is not as simple as it looks. Wikipedia, as stated, was created for the purpose of information sharing and not by any means Wikipedia allows marketing to be done through their platform and this is where the game begins. This is where the marketers struggle and this is where they have a hard time. The requirements and guidelines are clear and it has been stated that nothing promotional should be in the content of a Wikipedia page and thus the only way you can include Wikipedia in your content marketing strategies is to make contemplations on awareness creation and that too in a neutral tone. If you are able to bring this to the table then surely you are able to gain all of the above-mentioned benefits.