Why Cry Over Nepotism? Build Your Own Silver Spoon.

By June 6, 2019
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Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. So many of the distinguished personalities in the UK came from nowhere. Hard work and perseverance is what took them to heights. Not to forget, amazing financial management skills were a key too.

Everyone wishes to follow their passion. The dream of becoming a legendary painter, cricketer, singer, musician, writer or dancer never really dies down in one’s heart. But real world teaches us that you need money before you can walk down the path of your success.

Yes it has been quoted that “Follow your dreams and money will follow”, but majority of us know that this would have been said by a person living in a mansion. The growing competition in the world does not really let aspirations bloom. A one in a million person finally becomes what s/he wanted to. And mind you, popularity and success never comes cheap (at least not in the unconventional fields).

What does the road entail?

The road trailing down to your passions will definitely hit dead ends and random meetings with unwanted circumstances. If you are on your own, your biggest challenge would be money.

You may have to take up a job that you do not like, earn money to pay your bills and use the rest of your time in pursuing what you actually want to become.

If your dream career is not something that pays well till you reach the top, you will have no other option but to step up and earn money in a different way. The financial part will have to be fulfilled, despite everything.

You have a plethora of options.

Rent, utility bills, credit card bills, groceries, maintenance and tens of other things have to be paid for when you enter into adult life. Being independent does not bring just the freedom to choose, but the responsibility of paying one’s bills too.

There is nothing wrong in pursuing what you love, but you need money for survival. That is an undisputed fact.

You can choose between being employed fully or part-time. If you think you can pursue your dream career with a full time job, go for it. Your graduate degree can help you in clearing interviews, and you can fetch a good job with decent pay.

And if you have to dedicate most part of your day towards polishing your skills and practising, part-time jobs are not scarce around the UK either. Before you, are a plethora of options to choose from. Some of the most common examples are:

  • Newspaper Carrier
  • Flyer Distributor
  • Babysitter
  • Donut Baker
  • Store Sales Person
  • Hotel Housekeeper
  • Freelancer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Proof reader
  • Inventory Manager
  • Telemarketer
  • Paid Reviewer
  • Youtube-r
  • Online/Home Tutor
  • Dog Walker/Watcher

And these are just the ones floating on top of classifieds. When you really want a source of income, you can easily get some paid work to do.

You will have the freedom to work one or two jobs depending upon your financial needs, and you can spend the rest of your day pursuing what you love.

You can get lucky.

You might even be lucky enough to earn while you learn. If you wish to be a painter, you can work as a teacher or in an art gallery renovating their pieces. You could join a choir or be a background singer in a project. Content writing can be your reliance if you wish to go ahead being an author.

There is no better feeling than being paid for something you are good at, or passionate about. This can be a double bonus for you.

There is a backup option.

During the days of your pursuit, there may be a time when things get overwhelming. Some huge medical bill, change in rent, loss of job or any other sudden expense can come knocking at your door. While your savings can be of help, but there is a big chance they might not be enough.

This makes it vital and smart to have a financial backup. And direct lenders are there in the UK for exactly this purpose. When you type online loans on web search, you are offered thousands of lender websites to choose from. The unsecured lending industry offers guaranteed acceptance loans to those in need.

You can apply for a loan amount ranging from £100 to £1000(varies). These short-term loans come equipped with minimal application procedure and quick approvals. You are given the freedom to borrow and repay on your terms. The lender does not judge your purpose or credit score while processing your loan application.

Perseverance gets you the silver spoon.

It is your determination and patience that gets you what you want. You can build up your life from the scratch and become a renowned personality. But it would require not giving up and going through all kinds of phases and circumstances.

Get a job, take a loan, perfect yourself and gift the title of the silver spoon to yourself.