It begins in the bone marrow (the delicate inward piece of specific bones, where fresh recruits cells are made), yet regularly it rapidly moves into the blood, also. It can once in a while spread to different pieces of the body including the lymph hubs, liver, spleen, focal sensory system (cerebrum and spinal line), and gonads. AML basically develops the cells that develops a lot of white blood cells. Leukemia is nothing but a form of cancer but falls under the blood cancer area.

There are certain factors that play a crucial role in causing cancer. They are as following

Age is one of the common factors in causing cancer. Cancer can happen at any stage but it is quite prevalent amongst those who are old

This disease occurs more amongst the male than the females

It is often said that smoking is the most common factor for the causes of cancer. That is the reason why smoking is strictly asked to be avoided. Doctors say that smoking is linked to cancer of the lungs, mouth and stomach. The tobacco and other substances involved in the smoking products is obnoxious for the parts of the body.

Further, there are certain chemicals and exposure to the same leads to the cause of leukemia. If an individual work in any industry like rubber industry, refineries, chemical plants among other industries then there is a high possibility that the exposure to such products might lead to the cause of cancer

There are certain chemotherapy drugs that fight cancer. When a cancer patient is treated then they undergo chemotherapy and there is a high possibility that cancer might rebound even after the chemotherapy. It does not give the patient a 100% recovery from cancer.

One of the most important factors behind causing cancer is a family history that is if cancer runs in your genes that is if it has already happened to any of your relatives then there is a high possibility that it might pass on to the next generation.

Exposure to Radiation or living around in the places that is open to radiation also is a factor of causing cancer

Further, individuals with certain blood disorders like polycethemiavera are often said to get Cancer.

There is often a question lingering in the mind of the individuals that can AML be avoided? Yes, there is a high possibility of escaping the AML. The first thing that can be done is to avoid smoking and alcohol. Then one can avoid substances like Benzene that is often dangerous for the individuals those who work in industries.

Expenditure for operating Acute Myeloid Leukemia in India

Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cost in India ranges from $15000 to $17000 depending upon the hospital where you go for the treatment. It is quite cheaper compared to that of other Western countries where it would cost around $30000. In India, there are best doctors and oncologists dealing with this area. There are doctors with over 50 years of experience and in India, you would save a lot of cost for yourself. If you are not going for treating Leukemia abroad then you would save yourself the traveling cost and along with it, you would also save your accommodation cost. It would definitely cost you a lot to travel from India to some other Western Country.

It is a myth that Cancer is incurable. There is nothing in the world that cannot be cured. Considering the advancement in Medical technology and renowned doctors who have gained education from abroad, India has developed itself to a great extent as per the medical thing is concerned. If you are dubious about getting your treatment done in India or you have second thoughts about your treatment getting done in India, then remove this though from your mind because India is an apt place for getting your treatment done.

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