What are the Major Health Issues Caused by Mobile Phones Radiation

By June 14, 2019

While modernization keeps on progressing, so does the digital revolution. A world without mobile phones is one we cannot in any way comprehend. However, mobile or cell phones have imposed a lot of dangers such as health hazards that have caused great harm among those that have been adversely affected.

Our present article is to make our readers know about the means to protect him/her from the harmful effects of the mobile phone radiations

National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of located in Bethesda MD, USA had recently published research which says that over half of the world population has been reported to use mobile phones.

Saudi Arabia ranks as first among those countries located in the Gulf with the highest usage of mobile phones. This country is followed by Oman and then Kuwait sand finally UAE in terms of the same user.

Billions of people on a global level use mobile phones and even a small spark of adverse effects of mobile phone radiation can cause a major health hazard. Apart from the number of calls per day, the amount of time taken in these calls, determine which factors might cause a health hazard. These factors can lead to horrid diseases such as are carcinogenic in nature which requires means on how to protect from mobile radiation.

The mobile phones emit a sort of radiation, the Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field (RF-EMF), which is an unseen form of the energy which is capable of causing severe harmful health effects of these radiations are left unrestrained.  Children are most susceptible to these radiations.

Diseases contracted because of the radiations can cause severe blow upon health, which are given here below:

Cancer: Several types of research speak of resultant head cancers involving glioma as well as acoustic neuroma. Further, RF radiation fields have been characterized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as probably cancerous to humans. Reports to the present provide no suggestion that exposure to RF fields, is capable of increasing the danger of cancer or some other ailment.

Experts have shown other health problems pertaining to mobile phones that are inclusive of changes within activity of the brain, response times, and also sleep. However, such effects are inconsequential and have no perceptible health implication. More researches are ongoing to try to substantiate the above findings.

With an augmented use of mobile phones, there are some medical devices which include pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, etc. which can have interference with their appropriate functioning. The risk however is much less for either, the 3G phones or other newer


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