Ways to Grow Your Drop Shipping Business

By March 15, 2019
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Dropshipping is perhaps one of the greatest idea in the world of ecommerce. Imagine a kind of business, where you are able to sell goods to your customers without having to carry inventory; the product manufacturer does it all for you. He or she manufactures, does packing and ships your product directly to the customers.

Now here are certain things that you must be thinking that the idea of drop shipping is a little vague or the process is slightly not transparent. Where there is doubt, there is explanation and therefore this blog will tell us why we drop ship and effective ways in which drop shipping is profitable.

Benefits of Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping is much more easier than any other method of selling products. It is not only a hassle-free process but it also reduces the maintenance cost of your business.

Here are some more points as in why drop shipping should be adopted:

  1. This must seem very much bizzare to you but drop shipping business has no risks at all. You do noot have to buy products in bulk, instead you will only have to pay for the goods that are sold to the customers.
  2. Dropshipping prices are lower than wholesale prices. Most goods come from either China or they are outsourced from a place where production cost is low. Therefore there is no need to spend a lot of capital, which is best for any small-scale business.
  3. You can start drop shipping any time you want which is very easy compared to buying bulk inventory. For buying bulk inventory, you need to have a certain amount of capital, a centre where you can keep the inventory and you will Also need man power to supply those products to the customers. But there is no such need in drop shipping.
  4. Dropshipping is an automated business. Therefore it can be done in a few clicks without giving much effort.
  5. Drop shipping is extremely time-saving business. Since people buy online and you do not have to sell them products personally, therefore it is very easy to sell multiple products to multiple customers all at the same time.

Everything has its own pros and cons and drop shipping is not devoid of it. One of the major problems. Wwhich is faced while dropshipping is lack of sales and tracking inventory.

Don’t worry, here are some easy tips which will help you in running your drop shipping business easily and effectively.

Tips for Easy and Effective Drop Shipping:

  1. With the method of drop shipping integrated in your business you’ll probably have a lot of time to focus on different techniques of marketing. Always remember that ecommerce generally has a conversion rate of 1-2%.

That means that if less than 100 or 200 visitors visit your page daily then you will hardly get any sales. Learn some seo tactics, some other digital marketing methods which will help you get more sales.

  • Another thing which you can do to grow your drop sahipping business is to create amazing offers and attract your customers to buy your products. Try to introduce 2 days sales, interesting discounts, and exciting seasonal offers to gain more customers.
  • This one is for tracking inventory in an easy way. Integrate QuickBooks so that invoicing and accounting becomes easy for you and maintain an excel sheet or a centralized systematic platform from where it becomes easy for you to maintain, organize and track your inventory.

Sometimesdrop shipping may seem a very easy thing to us, but often we get confused when it comes to products. It is because we don’t know which products can be drop shipped and which products cannot be.

So, here is a list of some trending dropshipping products:

  • Wireless charger
  • Car phone holder
  • Cat massage comb
  • Posture correction belts
  • Moon lamp
  • Scalp Massager
  • Fashion accessories
  • Hair Care accessories
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothes

The trending dropshipping products list does not end here, although it gives us a fair idea of how drop shipping is done and what are the products that can be dropshipped. Leave us a comment if you find out blog to be informative.

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