Vitamin D Deficiency

By March 13, 2019

Vitamin D deficiency rickets, a common disease in children. This disease is due to the deficiency of vitamin D in the body caused by systemic calcium and phosphorus metabolism so that the calcium salt can not normally sink in the growth part of the bone, and eventually, skeletal deformity occurs. Although rickets is rarely directly life-threatening, they are easily ignored because of the slow onset. Once the obvious symptoms occur, the body’s resistance is low, and it is easy to have pneumonia, diarrhea, anemia and other diseases.

Vitamin D Food Source

For outdoor activities, as long as the human body receives enough sunlight, the body can synthesize enough vitamin D; in addition to fortified food, the natural food has low vitamin D content, and animal food is the main source of natural vitamin D in non-fortified food, such as Relatively high in fat-containing marine fish and fish eggs, animal liver, egg yolk, cream and cheese, while lean meat, milk, and nuts contain trace amounts of vitamin D, while vegetables, grains, and their products and fruits contain a small amount of vitamin D or There is almost no activity of vitamin D.

Cause of Vitamin D Deficiency

1, pregnant women and lactating mothers should eat more foods rich in vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus and protein, often to outdoor activities, more sun. After the full moon, children can take out outdoor activities and start to add vitamin D, 10ug (400IU) per day.
2, premature infants, twins and low birth weight infants can be supplemented 2 weeks after birth, 20ug (800IU) per day for the first 3 months, and then reduced to 10ug (400IU) per day. Normally, after taking 2 years of age, vitamin D can no longer be prevented.
3, adolescent physical growth accelerated, such as insufficient vitamin D in the diet, and less outdoor activities, you can also consider taking vitamin A, D preparations to prevent the amount.
4, hepatobiliary diseases, long-term use of phenobarbital and phenytoin and other drugs can affect the metabolism of vitamin D and blood calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D should be given at the same time.
5, biliary butyl milk for prevention when a 15mg (including vitamin D 3.3 million IU) orally, after 3 months interval can be taken at the discretion, the total amount of no more than 30mg a year (including vitamin D 3.6 million IU).