Top 10 Techniques to Increase Sales through Website

By April 1, 2019
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In this fast-paced world, everyone wants a quick result. Even many times users become impatient when a web page takes more than five seconds to load. Same may be the case for those who want to generate more sales from their website. But in reality, there is no shortcut to do so.

How to increase Sales through Website?

Luckily there are some organic ways to optimize your website to boost sales. The two buzzwords for this are conversion optimization and A/B testing. Let’s uncover many new tactics to increase the conversion rate. As with digital marketing, it may take a little longer to get the result. But implementing these tips might help.

1). A Simple and Less Clumsy Home-Page

Many service providers suppose that it is better to offer many products and services just through the home page. However, entrepreneurs suggest that by offering fewer and key products through the home page with the more and eye-catching description the overall sale can be easily increased.

This way your company will have to focus on just one or two specific products. You can handle and answer all possible queries of your visitor for that particular product timely.

One example of a simple home page is shown below. Here the service provider has thousands of gaming titles, but only a few of the recent titles are mentioned on the home page.

2). Adding Videos on Key Conversion Pages

Popular site Mashable claims that by adding videos on your key pages or landing page can increase conversion rate by 86%. As per site our brain can process visual information about 60,000 times faster than text. This implies that your site visitor can grasp any visual information in a better way rather than through textual form.

You can add product videos on your home page that may be more effective then textual descriptions. Many sites are adding videos on their home page for the same reason.

Here a large video screen is being used by the site owner that makes home page appealing. The large and high-resolution video can draw and site visitor attention easily.

3). Asking of Email Address

Email marketing is one of the much popular and viable digital marketing tactics. It can provide better ROI in comparison to other marketing methods. However, you will need email addresses of your visitor to send them attractive offers.

There must be certain opportunities that may attract and able to capture their emails. As per Forbes one of the commonly used and successful ways for this is to offer them something valuable like any digital download or newsletter subscription or announcement of an upcoming offer.

In the above image, the website offers a free website review and asks to key-in your email address for that. So information or service exchange is also a popular way to take the email user id.

4). Presence of Associations, Testimonials and Case Studies

Social proof is of much more importance. There must be a way to promote customer trust through home page to attain their rewards. Testimonial, case studies and associations like activities can convince your customer and site visitors. They can help in making trust.

As per Marketingdonut suggestion getting and listing accreditation can boost your online reputation, especially for the case when you cannot meet your customer in-person.

In the above website, the testimonials are listed by the site owner that proves their service quality and commitment towards work.

5). Content for a Key Target Market

Creation of quality content is a surefire way to increase conversion and traffic of the website, but through some other section, you should also focus and spend some time in targeting different market segments. By writing content for some other marketing section you can prove that you also have the expertise for that market segment.

6). Live Chat Inclusion

To generate e-commerce sales live chat is a fantastic way as they can also address the questions of your site visitors. They can get the immediate response of their queries that may be a better option than a contact form. Any type of business can be benefited with this tool. The businesses that cannot generate sufficient sale can increase their sale through Live chat like tools.

7). Enlisting Value Proposition on Landing Page

Through value proposition, one can easily promote the value and services provided by businesses. The three essential qualities of a good value proposition are:

  • Explain how your product can solve the customer’s problem?
  • Describe the benefits of your product for the customer
  • Provide reasons to buy your product or use your service rather than your competitor’s

Here is the example of Trello home page where they have clearly stated and conveyed their message just through a line.

8). Optimization of Business for Mobile Access

Over the years the way of accessing any website has been changed a lot. Maximum customers or users access websites through mobile phones. Now mobile devices have become one of the popular ways to access the website.

When you build any website I must be compatible with all mobile devices. If you will not optimize it you are really going to miss something. Choose responsive web design, they must not only be suitable for all screen-sizes but also should be easy-to-navigate as well.

9). Speed-up the Load Time of Your Landing Page

Your website can make your business strong if your visitor will get exactly get what they want and in a timely manner then they will become your long-term customers. As per the result of Stanford 75% of the website user and visitor judge its credibility based on the look of their website.

Even it is believed by the experts that even if your website will take 4 seconds of time then you may lose 25% of potential customers.

10). Perform A/B Testing

For all of the above-suggested tips, you should perform A/B testing. As per that every business is different and unique and so as its requirements. One set of requirement that may work wonders for one business, may not be good for other. By A/B testing you can find out what works best for your business.