The Most Popular and Unforgettable Spy Heroes

By November 27, 2018
Spy Heroes

We already know the staples of the spy-fi genre. Mind-boggling plots, cool-cat antics, classic whodunits, and twisted endings are some essentials of a good spy movie. The success of any spy movie depends greatly on the protagonists of the movie. And that goes for both hero and villain. But of course, the hero takes more control and gives us the right mix of adrenaline and fear. These powerful characters leave their such a huge impression on the viewer’s minds that they are remembered for years. Some people get so inspired that they start looking up information on how to become a CIA agent! Although these characters and plots are not very close to reality, they still serve as a great source of inspiration.

The characters of the most memorable spy heroes came from the pens of influential authors such as John le Carré and Ian Flemming. When turned into a movie, these spies get faces and then those faces become famous. Below are some of the most incredible and proficient spy heroes, all in their own ways. Some are retired or reluctant, others are confident with a smirk, but all of them are well-equipped with the art of spy-craft essentially.

Let’s talk about these highly celebrated heroes.

Ethan Hunt, Mission: Impossible

Without a doubt, Ethan Hunt is the most handsome and evergreen spy hero of all time. Played by Tom Cruise, Hunt is incredibly talented with his espionage skills. This acrobatic hero and his team of experts work for IMF. The sixth part of Mission: Impossible hit the theatres this year and Hunt didn’t lack in entertaining us once again. He gave us a roller-coaster ride and we loved it! His performance has stayed consistent and the audience has always appreciated the action-filled role. Ethan Hunt is a perfect blend of machismo and cunning, the perfect characteristics of a spy!

We are yet to see a spy hero close to Ethan Hunt.

Bryan Mills, Taken

We would like to list Bryan Mills as another impressive spy hero. Played by Liam Neeson, the ex-CIA agent is an all-rounder and a badass. Despite all these tough qualities, inside he is a pure family man. If someone hurts his family, he becomes lethal. He unleashes his set of skills and entertains us with some ultimate accuracy and action when her daughter is kidnapped. She was on a vacation with a friend where she went missing. The tourist-nabbing and boys really had no idea what struck them. until Mills finds each one of them.

Richard Hannay, The 39 Steps

A perfect example of a reluctant spy, Robert Donat played this role smartly. The shell-shocked Richard Hannay is caught up in a mysterious plot unknowingly. The plot is known as the ‘The 39 Steps’. Gathering his wit together, he finds out a way to escape that dangerous and dark hole. Hannay isn’t a perfect description of a stereotypical spy but he knows how to get a job done.

Derek Flint, Our Man Flint

Played by James Coburn, Flint is a parody of the incredibly popular James Bond series. The plot revolves around unusual weather phenomena, due to which many agents die. Only in efforts to locate the group behind all these climate-changing activities. And then comes Flint to rescue. He is a great spy and the movie is quite entertaining. And the references to James Bond make the movie more appealing!

Harry Tasker, True Lies

Played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harry Tasker is an incredible spy. The movie offers the spy nostalgia of the Cold War, particularly for the hostages, nuclear warheads, and the militant organizations. Arnold has the perfect personality of a spy and he does justice to the character of Harry Tasker!

Alicia Huberman, Notorious

Here we have a female spy heroine in our list for a change. Because the sleuthing profession doesn’t promote gender equality. While there are plenty of things common between Hollywood spies, the Y chromosome also seems to be a shared feature. Played by Ingrid Bergman, Alicia Huberman proves that women can master the skill of espionage. Alicia Huberman manages to outshine as a woman spy and is just as efficient as any of her male spy counterparts.

Jason Bourne, The Bourne Series

Performed by Matt Damon, Jason Bourne seems to be more of an agent on the run. He is far from the in-the-field spying. All he needs are a few props. Well-deserved to be on our list, Jason Bourne manages to frustrate and infiltrate a very advanced spy network single-handedly.

Don’t miss the astounding performance of these great heroes!

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