Ten Best Free Online Logo Maker In 2019

By May 8, 2019
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There is no doubt in saying that a logo is crucial for a personal blog, business or online store. It is the first thing a customer notices while visiting your website. Designing a logo might seem like an easy task, but it is much more than using shapes, Colours, and images. You need to have some creative skills and thinking to design a perfect logo design.

Being an entrepreneur, you must realize that logo design can boost your sales and make your business memorable for the audience. Think about it; most recognizable brands such as Apple, Nike or Twitter have familiar icons and can be recognized from a distance. This is one of the reasons why a logo design must be simple, striking and professional to be able to grab the attention of a potential customer.

To have a good design, you can consider hiring professional service providers such as logo venture or a freelancer, but they can sometimes be expensive for a business startup. Well if that’s the case and you don’t have the budget to hire a professional, you can always consider one of the following logo designing tools to design a creative logo on your own for free.

Here are the ten best free online logo makers to use in 2019.

Designhill logo maker

One of the best logo makers that can help you to customize your company logo for free. Designhill is a free logo maker containing more than a 1000 free logo templates from which you can choose a suitable design for your business. It provides you a wide list of options to create a logo according to your style, color, and fonts. It can be said that Designhill is one of the leading platforms used by businesses to design out of the box logos at minimal price and best image quality.

Squarespace logo maker

Squarespace logo maker is usually used by small businesses to design iconic designs without paying for it. The logo maker allows the user to drag and drop the selected icon and provides a slick interface making the process of designing easy for the user. It provides exceptional results and a professional designing experience all for no cost.

Hipster logo generator

If you are thinking of creating a hipster logo design for your company, then hipster logo generator is the best option for you. This logo generator can replicate hipster logo designs and is a suitable option for a non-designer to design a creative logo design. However, this logo generator demands a little fee to download the design in higher resolution.


One of the best additions to the list of best logo generators, Canva can mimic the useful features of a professional designing software and is easy to use for a non-designer. Its drag and drop interface is one of the best features and offers numerous creative logo templates to choose from. Most importantly, you don’t have to pay an extra fee to download a high resolution version of the design.


Shopify can help you to create a logo design even if you aren’t an expert in the technicalities if the design. Just like the ones mentioned above, Shopify is also easy to use and can help businesses to create a unique brand identity. It consists of a vast library with a diverse range of logo templates from where you can select the one that best describes your organization. With all the benefits of using Shopify, it does not allow the users to change or modify the design according to your preferences.

Graphic Springs

Another free logo generator offering a vast range of creative templates of logo designs to choose from. It is easy to use and allows to customize the design according to your needs, all that you need to do is enter your company’s name and tagline to choose a suitable design from a list of options.


Another logo generator app, allowing the users to choose a suitable logo design from a list of options and styles of design. You just have to enter your business name and category and let the virtual assistant of Logojoy create amazing logos for you.


With the vectr app at your service, you don’t have to be an expert or experienced designer to design a perfect logo. What makes vectr standout from the rest logo generators is that it is downloadable and can be accessed online for free. Moreover, it offers live collaboration with other members of the team which means you can share and comment on the design to be more productive with designing. Other than that the files are of high-resolution with no extra charge along with tutorials and guidelines to produce a creative logo design.

Logo maker by Ucraft

At its core, Ucraft is a website builder which also offers free logo maker for small businesses. Similar to other apps, Ucraft is easy to use. You simply need to choose an appropriate icon, add your name and customize it using fonts and colors.


The logo is an important part of your business and helps you to create a brand identity. With the help of the logo generators mentioned above, you can design a creative logo for your business for free. Make sure to choose the right logo generators that adhere to your preferences.