Reasons to Use Video Marketing in Your Social Strategy

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The 21st century has given us a lot in the form of technology. Prior to the 2000s, mobile phones were capable of making phone calls, sending messages in the form of SMS, and we could play basic games like Snake on them. But now, in the 2000s, mobile phones have as much capability as the latest PCs or laptops. Not only can we make phone calls from one country to another, but we can call using Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. We can utilise Outlook, Gmail, and other online email services to send messages to other accounts. Games have now become high-end and mobile device gaming now rivals PC and console based gaming especially since the 2017 launch of PUBG (PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds).

All this has been possible due to mobile phones being able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data. The greatest digital innovation is of course apps which have made life a lot easier in this uber-technological era. We have all kinds of apps available for download from Apple Store and Google Play ranging from video games to fitness and banking apps. And the biggest benefit of apps to marketing firms is online advertising.

There is no longer any promotional opportunity for businesses which run completely offline. Even if you are a catering business situated next to five or more similar entities, it will still be difficult for you to gain an edge over your competitors if you are not online. Even if you choose to utilise the traditional modes of advertising such as brochures, newspapers, radio, or TV, you are still missing out on the most utilised resource in the world—the internet. Sure, you could make a website of your business but that is just a basic step. There is much more to online advertising than meets the eye.

Your biggest resource in the online promotional domain is social media. Popular social media networks such as Facebook earn the majority of revenue from displaying ads. So why not promote your business on these social media channels which have billions of registered users? With millions more registering each year. However, text and picture-based marketing is in the past. Therefore, video marketing is in the future and you should definitely incorporate it in your marketing plan.

Reasons to Use Video Marketing in Your Social Strategy

  • The Return on Investment (ROI) for video-based content is high: Many businesses will benefit from a high ROI obtained from video marketing. Despite the high production cost and long periods of time shooting video ads, the ROI is worth the budget. To your benefit, there are tons of video editing tools available on the worldwide web, with many effective ones being free to use. You can also shoot high quality videos on your smartphones which cuts back on purchasing expensive equipment. Remember to work hard on your videos as faulty camerawork or low-quality designs can turn off potential customers.
  • Trust-building is one of the major benefits of using video marketing: Customer loyalty should be on the forefront of your social strategy, and nothing builds trust better than high-quality video content. Videos can inspire people, deliver both direct and indirect messages to the consumer effectively, and also flare up emotions. It comes as no surprise that YouTubers have become such an integral part of the social media community, with many trusting their opinions on products over that of well-established firms. For example, PewDiePie has more subscribers (over 85 million as of February 2019) than the well-known video game reviewing business IGN (just over 11 million subscribers as of February 2019).
  • Search engines, such as Google, favour video: Want your content to rank higher in Google’s search results? Switch from text to video. In many online surveys it was found that your firm has a higher chance of being recognised via Google if you utilise video content. And ever since Google bought YouTube, videos have begun to affect search results even more highly than ever before.
  • Mobile users favour video content over text and photo: The rise in smartphone buyers is increasing drastically year by year. Smartphone users are forecasted to reach five billion in 2019. So, it is recommended that you take advantage of this prediction and opt to utilise video marketing in your social strategy.


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