Magic Leap is on its way to AT & T, along with an AR experience from Game of Thrones

By June 16, 2019
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But it does not work with a cellular connection yet. You will need Wi-Fi.

Westeros can be enjoyed in augmented reality … if you live near Boston, Chicago or San Francisco. 

AT & T announced on Wednesday that a few of its stores in the US they will be selling a special team of the  Magic Leap One Creator Edition AR starting April 1 that includes a special augmented reality experience related to Game of Thrones . And no, it is not a joke.

Originally, AT & T was supposed to be a retail partner of Magic Leap at the launch last fall, but that never happened. Now, this store release of $ 2,295 AR glasses will be quite limited: it will arrive on April 1 to Boston to a single store (Boylston), on April 3 to Chicago (on Michigan Avenue) and on April 6 to San Francisco (to 1 Powell).

The hardware will be exactly the same as what was previously available. The stand-alone AR hardware runs on an Nvidia Tegra X2 processor and creates 3D effects coupled to reality through its attached glasses. But he still does not have a cell phone on board. Instead, it requires a Wi-Fi connection.


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AT & T plans to switch to the 5G network and take the Magic Leap with them, but for now those developments will be limited to deploying 5G at the Magic Leap headquarters in Florida later this year for the 5G AR tests.

As for the Magic Leap AR Oyunlar of Thrones experience, it might be worth taking a look. The experience,  The Dead Must Die, is described in an AT & T press release.

“… challenge the bravest fans to face a White Walker and lead the fight for life, curious visitors will receive a Magic Leap One and move on to a physical representation of King’s Landing, which instantly transforms into an ominous scene and frost that demands an investigation, with the torch in hand, the visitors become soldiers in a confrontation, while an icy portal reveals the mortal world beyond the wall.It is scary to see a White Walker, but it is much more frightening when he sees you. “

AT & T owns HBO, which will be launching the last season of Game of Thrones on April 14.

It still feels like Magic Leap augmented reality glasses are far from becoming everyday items for the home, but these tests in stores may be the most accessible way to test the hardware for those who are curious about the augmented reality.