It is time to grab the opportunities in the field of Big Data

By August 14, 2019
big data

Blue and white-collar jobs are already going irrelevant as the fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0) make progress. There is a surge of digital transformation across the globe and data has emerged as the chief resource for digital economies. Big Data had already entered discussions more than a decade ago but now the field has bloomed to assume a very important position. Business organizations all over the world are now embracing big data and even governmental institutions are relying on big data to solve complicated problems.

For instance take the case of Malaysia

The Malaysian ministry of communication and multimedia (KKMM) together with MAMPU and MDEC has developed a National Big Data Framework for Malaysia. The country has also started a program of aggressive data sharing across ministries.

In the private sector too, Malaysian companies like Petronas and Malaysian Airlines have adopted big data and are benefitting from it. IDC reports that the Malaysian Big Data Analytics software market is all set to hit RM595 million by 2021 and there has been a phenomenal increase in the number of recruitments of big data professionals in Malaysia. Big data courses offered in Malaysia are therefore much instrumental in grabbing the opportunities offered by the Big data domain in Malaysia!

Important big data skills to ensure success

  • Python
    Python is not only the preferred programming language to work in a big data environment but also a very popular tool in data science because of its dedicated data science libraries like NumPy, SciPy, and Pandas.
  • Apache Hadoop
    One of the key big data platforms, designed specifically to manage data processing and store big data applications that are running in clustered systems. It is very important for every big data professional to acquire Hadoop operational knowledge and skills.
  • SQL
    SQL, short for ‘Structured Query Language’ is instrumental in interacting with Relational Databases. Knowledge of SQL is essential for every big data aspirant.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    As the nature of data in a big data ecosystem varies a lot and the volume also keeps on increasing rapidly, every big data professional must utilize all the cutting edge technologies at hand in order to reach objectives. This is why knowledge of advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning can be very handy.

There are various popular big data courses available today and enroll in one to acquire all the big data skills necessary to ensure success!