By March 25, 2019
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Team management is one of the basic requirements of a project manager. It is one of the most challenging tasks especially if the team members are more diverse and the managers have more amount of trouble in uniting them together. It is the duty of the project manager to make sure that each and every single person connect with him and work perfectly. It is also important for the team members to correlate among themselves so that it would be easier for running combined projects. If you are planning to arrange a workshop for your team, then it requires you to spend a short amount of money.

You can arrange the money either by getting a loan or by getting an unsecured loan with bad credit from private lenders to get money instantly. Even though it is not essential for the project manager to spend money for the satisfaction of his team, the future result will definitely be beneficial earning you more credits and promotions. There are various methods available to encourage your teammate. And some of the most common are that are being used are,

Motivational speech

Every now and then, the members of your team might require some kind of motivation to continue with their work. It is the duty of the project manager to motivate them properly from time to time. The managers should have a closer relationship with each and every single team member so that it would be easier for him to understand their requirements easily based upon their activities and facial expressions. Try to give them a motivational speech from time to time and provide various examples of the people who had faced a similar situation in the same office. Knowing that bad people like them wooden crates the team members more allowing them to work freely.

Provide short-term tasks

If the project is a long-term project, then divide the project into an equal number of divisions in such a way that each and every single team member gets a short task that can be completed within 4 to 5 days. After completing the short tasks, assign them another set of short task. The duty of the project manager is to combine the short task and provide a perfect project at the end. Providing short tasks will encourage the team members to work fast and since the short tasks are easier to complete, they will feel more spirited and capable. If there is a hard task combine two or three team members to do one particular task which might make it more interesting for them and easier at the same time.

Arrange entertaining workshops

Even though this method might cost you some money, it is the most efficient method for motivating the team members. Workshops in other branches of the same company will allow the team members to learn more and enjoy at the same time. Visiting a new place with a good natural environment will allow them to learn more and enjoy their free time exploring the new city. You can conduct these workshops every year with the company to motivate the workers. The project managers can also conduct an individual workshop for their team members alone. Also, after every successful project, treat the team members to a good encouraging meal. This will always motivate them to work for you.

Along with this, the project manager should be strict and patient at the same time. It is the duty of the project manager to be strict on the deadline and patient by advising their team members and teaching them the new methods. They should also teach them various shortcuts that they have implemented in the past to provide an efficient project. If the manager requires more money, he can always get an unsecured loan for bad credit both for official and personal purposes. With the proper patience and guidance, every manager can create a perfect team that could one-day function without his guidance.