How to Maintain Word Count in Academic Writing

By July 25, 2019

If you are a college student, you might understand the struggle of maintaining or reducing the word count on your dissertation or assignments. On one hand, you have to incorporate all the relevant and useful information & facts into our dissertation and on the other hand, you must maintain the prescribed word limit because of which we often run out of including sufficient information and come up with poor quality academic writing. So, how to do it??

Ways to Reduce Word Count   

There are certain measures we are sharing here for you to consider while writing any assignments or academic writing in order to maintain the word limit and to meet with all requirements. Word limit is not a bad thing, it enables you to concise the writing and incorporate information sufficiently.

How to Maintain Word Count in Academic Writing
  1. Remove Adjectives: Though adjectives make your writing more engaged and interesting to read but in order to word count, you can remove some of them in academic writing. It will not decrease the quality of your writing but will surely exceed the unnecessary word limit. Instead of using adjectives, you can express your thoughts clear and straightforward and avoid detailed description. For a quality dissertation or academic writing, you must contact Nursing Assignment Help Online.
  2. Remove Connectives: Sometimes we use so many connectives in our writing un-intentionally that looks inappropriate and annoying such as,’ that” or, “and”, “but” etc. These are very common connectives to use but in order to maintain word count, we should use only important places or you can delete these connectives and keep two different sentences as readers generally do not have must time to read them all.
  3. Remove Adverbs: adverbs make the sentences powerful but sometimes they can distract the readers from what is being said in particular academic writing. It can disrupt their flow also so it would be better not to add a descriptive word to a verb. Instead of this, we can use a descriptive verb like from “dropped rapidly” to “plummeted’. It will enhance the quality of paper as well as saves reader’s time to read.

We Can Also Reduce the Introduction and Conclusion 

Introduction and conclusion are the most important part of any academic writing but they will function well if they are concise and cover all important points about the topic you are writing on. So, it is better to keep both of them short and sweet and express a concise explanation of your work in introduction and conclusion. Business Assignment Help can help you into this. If your paper is beyond that, you are wasting the words as well as time of you and your readers.

Final Thoughts

Reducing word limits has many benefits such as it controls our language and only give necessary information to readers in the most effective and concise way. These tips can help you to reach your academic writing goals.