How to deal with migraine during pregnancy

By June 18, 2019
How to deal with migraine during pregnancy

There is no surprise that during the pregnancy period, you may experience frequent pains and aches throughout the body. Many women face migraine issues either before their pregnancy or during their pregnancy period. This is because, while you are expecting a baby, your hormone levels are fluctuated especially, the Estrogen levels change leaving a big impact in the intensity and frequency of your migraine pain. But, one best thing is, for many pregnant women, the appearance of migraine pain can be relieved easily, while for others the pain can make the condition worse. Don’t step yourself for any self-treatment. For a safe treatment plan, talk to your obstetrician and seek her medical advice for your migraine attacks. Buy prescription medicines online from any online medical store in India.  

Here, we have discussed a few ways on how to deal with migraine pain during pregnancy. Follow these tips, but call your doctor if there is no relief and the condition gets severe.  

Tips to ease migraine during pregnancy:

  • Maintain a migraine diary. Start to experiment with things that trigger migraines in you. Track yourself for the cause like skipped meals, lack of sleep, stress, certain food items or any odours. Start entering in your diary and check what foods or conditions have triggered your migraines. Try to avoid things that have triggered your cause. If you are unable to manage, then book an appointment with your doctor. She can help you to recognize the patterns that need to be changed and can resolve your pain with specific treatments. 
  • Check whether it is due to any weather conditions like you have travelled to any new place. If you have any of the above said causes, try avoiding it during your pregnancy.
  • Avoiding chocolate, caffeine, cheese  can be helpful
  • Include physical activity like walking or moderate aerobic exercise can also help you get relief from migraine pain.
  • Keep yourself relaxed by following deep breathing exercises and yoga.
  • Take your food on time and consuming healthy foods can help to reduce your migraine headache and stress while you are pregnant.
  • Maintain your sleep pattern. 
  • Stay well hydrated as dehydration can sometimes cause severe complications. During pregnancy, your body requires more intake of water. So, supplement yourself with electrolytes like Pedialyte.  If you prefer to buy OTC medicines online from any trusted online pharmacy India store, during pregnancy, you should stop this practice. Talk to your doctor and buy prescription medicines online or OTC medicines only after getting suggested by a doctor. 
  • When migraine strikes you, try keeping ice packs or massage the area with any essential oil for faster relief. 
  • Give your body a complete rest when the pain is severe. 
  • Try for Biofeedback therapy. It helps to prevent migraine headaches and controls overall health. It promotes relaxation and relives a number of health conditions related to stress. 
  • Go for a cold shower
  • Place a cold towel on your forehead.

Most pregnant women don’t require any special care to treat migraines. But, if the migraine is very severe and can’t be managed, then consult your doctor and discuss for more specific treatments. Follow your prescribed medicines correctly and ease your symptoms safely and effectively.