How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Business?

By May 21, 2019
How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Business?

Wikipedia, since its inception, has been used as an encyclopedic platform which contains information on a diverse range of topics and subjects. However, due to its user-edit nature, Wikipedia could not last as a credible source of information to make a thesis paper or a school project. Nonetheless, Wikipedia today is considered as one of the most credible marketing platforms which establishes an instant reputation and global recognition.

However, before we move on to Wikipedia page creation, let’s discuss what Wikipedia actually is.

What is Wikipedia?

Describing Wikipedia, it is a free encyclopedia where people volunteers to contribute information about a particular subject. It is an open source of information, and if correctly used, can be effective as a marketing tool. Its importance cannot be underestimated—it has many benefits for the business as it can gain customer’s trust, create brand awareness, and ca position the company as an industry leader.

Tips for creating a Wikipedia page

Most organization outsource Wikipedia experts for Wikipedia page creation. However, it is an easy task and can be done without any professional help. However, with the best practices and writing skills, you can too have a Wikipedia page for your business.

  • Sign Up For An Account

You can simply click on “create an account” on the top right corner of the Wikipedia page and enter the required details to create an account on Wikipedia. You need to make sure that the details you enter are not linked to your company details such as its name, or it can get deleted or blocked by the Wikipedia community.

  • Research For Your Topic

It is true to say that you know your business more than any third party writer hired to write the article. However, Wikipedia requires authentic facts and information of the organization to get the article published on Wikipedia. You need to carry out extensive research to collect sites and information to make sure that you can prove the claim you make in the article. Most importantly, you must remember to use unbiased language, so your information doesn’t sound glorifying or end up being flagged on Wikipedia.

  • Keep In Mind The Wikipedia Guidelines

Before starting the article, you need to make sure that your article abides by the guidelines on Wikipedia. It is necessary because Wikipedia has very strict guidelines and your Wikipedia page can get deleted if it is not written according to it

  • Use Wiki Sandbox And Wizard For Writing And Editing

The wizard makes sure that you are knowledgeable about all the guidelines of Wikipedia and are ready to write your article for publication. Use the sandbox to experiment with the information but make sure that it is chronological order. Once you are done with writing, you can start with the editing to make sure that the information is error-free.

  • Publish The Article

The publication can take much time, so you need to be patient in this phase. Sometimes, it takes hours, and other times, it can take days to get an article published on Wikipedia.

  • Monitoring Is A Necessity

As said above, Wikipedia as a user edit nature. With this said, your duty as a Wikipedia writer does not end at publishing the article. You need to make sure that the article is monitored and you are notified about the edit made in the information. Being an entrepreneur, it is important that the information present on Wikipedia does not misguide a customer because it has been edited by a Wikipedia user. It can have a significant drawback on the audience and your sales.

You can simply toggle on the notification in the preferences tab on the Wikipedia page so you can get notified whenever a user edit the information.

All in all, it can be said that Wikipedia has a lot of importance in the world of businesses. So if you don’t have a Wikipedia page for marketing, it is high time that you add it in your marketing plan.

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