How Attendance Management Systems help Fight Attendance Malpractices

By July 23, 2019

Most of the companies are facing the heat when it comes to the management of employee attendance due to various aspects of the organization and the staff members. The use of traditional methods costs the businesses a fortune on account of the malpractices prevalent in the market. These malpractices cost the companies in both short term and long term impacts as a business, which is the primary reason to give up the age-old system of physical documentation of the employee presence. The buddy punching, proxy attendance, and time theft are major concerns before the companies in today’s date. Manual processing will never allow the companies to make proper justice to the time management. This has paved the way for the automation-based systems to serve the purpose. In a computerized Attendance Management System, all the transactions are entirely independent of human supervision, and they do not require the intervention of a moderator at any level. The article shall portray the functionalities of AMS, which help fight attendance malpractices in a nutshell.

Computer-based Punching Systems and Accurate Record Keeping

The employee has to punch in the biometric machine or the NFC system to mark their presence when they enter the company premises. They are connected to the Attendance Management System, and the exact time is synchronized to the server along with the details of the employee. Each employee has to punch during the movement within the company premises. There is no requirement of the manual signing of documents or musters. The system uses the biometric identity to make the entire process specifically oriented towards security. The employee’s total hours worked, total days present, and the absence data is comprehensively generated by the AMS and record-keeping is done in a digitalized manner. While all the transactions are maintained by the server, the user can access the data whenever they require to use it for a multitude of purposes.

Centralized Management and Processing

The employees from all the company locations can be accommodated within the single platform. The employees can be of any nature, be it temporary staff, permanent employees, casual labor, freelancers, which makes the AMS a versatile solution for the businesses. On the contrary, the data is available to the central facility of the company to process it. This includes the generation of salary. The employee attendance forms the principal component of the wage, and all other components are calculated on the basis of it. Thus, payroll processing can be significantly benefited by the use of automation based solutions. The HR need not gather the inputs from all the departments and compile them in the Spreadsheet tools. The calculation is also completely automated, and there is no need to generate the reports manually. The HR can also access this data on a real-time basis to see if employees are absent on a particular location or a department because that can stall the work to a great extent. 

Transaction Management, Terminal Usage, and Policy Enforcement

There is no requirement of manual maintenance of the data, and the transactions are managed by the system itself. The employees of all departments and cadres shall be able to mark their presence without any problem, and the individual attendance policy applies to them has adhered properly. The employer can enforce a specific attendance policy for a department or location to meet the organizational requirements. Also, there is a provision to run flexible shifts. The multiple shifts and multiple location management is possible with the use of Attendance Management System with a great degree of accuracy. Subsequently, HR is relieved from the burden of enforcing policies through local channels.

In a nutshell, the attendance management system is an automation-based solution which counters fight the redundancies encountered by the companies in the manual processing of the attendance process. There is a significant advantage in the form of configuration, which makes the use of the computerized systems far agile and responsive than their traditional counterparts. But the main reason to opt for them is the competitive cost of operation. All these facilities curb the attendance malpractices with firm hands while the cost incurred is significantly low. Therefore, modern business requirements are addressed properly with the help of digital attendance processing systems in a better way.

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