High Security Armored Display Cases: Everything You Need To Know

Armed Display

Due to the characteristics of the product offered to the customer, certain businesses need to resort to high-security armored display cases. This type of furniture allows the display of products of great value avoiding the risk of theft or damage to the material with which you work.

What are the characteristics of the armored showcases?

The cabinets, shelves or armored cabinets are characterized by their high level of security. There are no restrictions regarding its design:

They exist in both vertical and horizontal formats.

They are available in any size, whether small, medium or large.

Materials of the high security armored showcases

The feature that best defines high security armored showcases is not its morphology but its composition. They are articles destined to the exhibition and storage of products of great value. To ensure safety, high-strength materials must be used. The high commercial surveillance security systems display cases that you can find in the market are usually made of multilayer steel sheets with a thickness that ranges between 2 and 4 mm.

Frequently it is about furniture divided into two parts:

Exhibition of products: Composed of laminated protective glasses that have a minimum thickness of 15 mm and steel profiles.

Storage of goods: With armored doors and supports, security locks and, additionally, special closures (latches with handles, code panels, anti-drill key locks).

Due to the particularities of the construction materials used in the manufacture of security cabinets, they present a considerable weight that is also part of the protection service offered to their contents. Moving one of these cabinets will not be easy for the thief since his weight can exceed 200 kilos depending on the design and size of the furniture.

Resistance of high security armored showcases

Beyond the specific characteristics of its appearance, weight, material or storage capacity, what interests the customer most are the features offered by the armored cabinets from a functional point of view.

The different levels of security of this type of furniture are related to the type of glazing used. In this regard, the current European standards that affect the testing and classification of glass safety stand out. All high security armored showcases have a qualification in the following aspects:

  • Anti-theft device.
  • Anti-aggression
  • Anti-bullet

1. Armored display cases with anti-theft security

To categorize the anti – theft security of the armored display cases, there are eight security levels within the UNE-EN 356 standard. This classification is used to determine the resistance of laminated safety glass against the attempts of theft and the throwing of objects.

2. Shielded display cases with anti-aggression security

 The requirements for anti-aggression security glazing are set out in the UNE-EN 12600 standard and refer to the different scales of resistance against manual attacks, for example, those executed with the help of a hammer or an ax.

3. Shielded cabinets with anti-theft security

The quality of an armored showcase with bulletproof security is governed by the UNE-EN 1063 standard and is more oriented to the glass used in buildings. The security levels refer to the resistance of the glasses in front of a short weapon attack. For this they also take into account the caliber and the number of impacts.

The higher the level reached by the glasses during the test and classification tests contemplated in this regulation, the greater their security guarantees against an eventual theft or destruction attempt.

In what business is it recommended to use high security armored cabinets?

The armored cabinets are installed frequently in all those establishments where daily work is carried out with objects of great value. This value can derive from the age of the exposed product itself or from the market price of its manufacturing materials. Any business of these characteristics will benefit from the use of high security armored display cabinets. Highlight:

  • Exhibitions and museums.
  • Antique stores.
  • Jewelery
  • Clothing stores and luxury accessories.
  • Department store.
  • Pawnshops.
  • Auctions

With the armored showcases the product that they commercialize remains always visible in the eyes of potential buyers and well protected. In addition, by combining an armored display cabinet with a Grade 3 alarm, you get a perfect level of security for a business with high value products.


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