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Summer is here, the perfect time to spend with your children. Your kids will probably have thought of numerous places to visit, but you may be feeling the pinch. You cannot dampen your kids’ spirits and you have already spent as it is. What will you do?

Several options are out there that you can use to have fun without taking a toll on your finances. The bond that you have developed with your kids may not let you opt for options that cost you very little money. Not a foreign trip but at least a staycation your children can demand. Being strapped does not mean you cannot have fun with your kids. If you are running out of money, take out bad credit loans in Ireland. Here are some ideas that will not cost you a fortune.

Step out

Get to your local amusement parks with your kids. Treat yourself a hot chocolate or coffee and take a ride on Ferris wheel. Amusement parks provide some backdrops where you can have beautiful images with your children. Grab a camera and flick multiple clicks. Enjoy fountains and other events. Amusement parks will not cost you an arm and a leg. You can also go to a zoo, where your kids will have a chance to explore different species of animals from a squirrel to a bear.

Go on a picnic

A picnic with family is a great way to have fun. Carry mats, homemade meal, cold drinks, flavoured milk, and the like with you to your favourite outdoor spot. Choose a lush verdant calm spot. Plan your trip when weather is cool. Enjoy cool breeze sitting under the blanket of clouds. Walk onto the grass with bare feet. It will give you a pleasant experience. Get some frizzy drinks, chocolates and ice creams with you.

Watch movies

Do you know that you can see movies even without being released legally and without paying? Some websites allow you to sign up for a preview ticket. They will send in a code when the location becomes available. Be active because only the first person gets the ticket. It is competitive, so you are likely not to get the ticket. You can make your kids watched old movies that they would like to watch. Movies will set you back nothing.

Explore your culture

Many art galleries offer free workshops. Let your children explore the beautiful history and culture of Ireland. Museums exclusively arrange free activities and workshops for families. However, you will not access to benefits that are particularly for members. Keep visiting the websites to keep an eye on the date of the next workshop.

Enjoy at beach

Amusement parks can cost you some money but a picnic at a beach will not cause you entry fees. Pack your favourite food and snacks and enjoy the meal in daylight. The wet soft sand will feel smooth beneath your bare feet. Children can sing songs and build castles of sands while you can bask in the warmth of the sun. Carry a beach ball to play with your kids.


Baking with a family is a great way to enjoy. Get everyone to participate and give a wonderful treat to the winner. This is a great activity for kids as they will not only have fun but also they will learn measurement. This will also help them act on the directions.

Play games

Sport activities are another cheap way to have fun with children. Not only indoor but also outdoor activities can also save you a lot of Euros. This will keep your children active and entertained throughout the day. You should encourage your children to participate in sport activities as it boosts concentration and keeps body and mind completely fit. Football, tennis, cricket, and badminton like several games can entertain your kids. Find out a park near your house and take your children there. You can run a competition.

Visit your local library

Libraries are not only the warehouse of books. In fact, it is a great place to have fun with your kids. It offers excusive CDs and DVDs collections that are perfect for entertaining yourself at the weekend. Libraries also provide a large collection of storybooks and activity books for children. When children get tired at the end of the day, read them a short story so that they can go to sound sleep. Be in touch with the library staff, you will get to know about various concerts and lectures. They can be very beneficial to enhance the knowledge of your kids.

Visit a farmers market

Are you a gourmet? Do you love to explore more and more food items? Farmers market is the best place to not only have fun with your kids but also buy food at lower prices. You will get fresh produce without shelling out money. If you go to the market at the end of the day, you will get groceries at incredibly lower prices.

Go camping

Camping gives absolutely a new experience when it comes to outdoor adventures. Camping will not cause you a small fortune. You just need to be quick to book the best campground. If you want to go to national and state parks, it is better if you book at least six months in advance. If you are trying to be frugal, you can rent a tent and do not forget to carry all necessary things.


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